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well, me-revive kembali thread yang telah lama tenggelam [NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

dengan tujuan memberi tempat post pada berita game, dan agar para kaskuser bisa selalu up-to-date informasi mengenai PC gaming, maka dibuatlah thread ini

disini kita sharing saja segala macam PC Game news, preview, dan review dari berbagai macam sumber. emoticon-I Love Kaskus

review dan preview tidak selalu harus dari luar, bikin sendiri juga boleh, sekalian belajar sedikit-sedikit jadi reviewer yang baik dan benar emoticon-Embarrassment

rules thread ini sederhana aja :

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  4. Boleh diskusi disini (tidak selalu harus berita isinya, comment juga boleh) tapi jangan OOT terlalu jauh

Feel free to discuss, share, and contribute!
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[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review


the next elder scrolls game, skyrim, will be making some big changes to the way the series handles things like combat and levelling-up.

Firstly, combat: According to a piece in the latest issue of game informer, you can now dual-wield weapons in the game. To many it will sound like a cheap take on a halo/modern warfare staple, but where in those shooters it's a part-time indulgence, in skyrim it forms the cornerstone of your approach to the game, as you can allocate which weapon or tool goes in which hand.

So, for example, you can put a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other. Or two daggers. Or a staff and a shield. Or a shield and a mace. For magic users, a different spell can be cast from each hand, or for a multiplying effect, the same spell can be thrown from both hands.

Another change to the way skyrim plays compared to its predecessor, oblivion, is in how you gain new powers and abilities. This game does entirely away with the concept of class creation, bethesda's thinking being it's a bit naff asking people to predict how they're going to play a game when they haven't played it yet.

Replacing this, then, is an organic system of attribute growth based on use: The more you do something, the better you get at it. While this has long been a staple of rpg games, even dating back to the quest for glory series, but in skyrim it's not just complementing a class structure, it's replacing it. So you won't be cast in stone as a mage if you use lots of magic, you'll just be some adventurer with a higher magic number in their stats.

You level up according to how you progress your most-used skills. "raising one skill from 34 to 35 is going to level you faster than raising one from 11 to 12", bethesda's todd howard tells game informer. If you stick to what you like/do best, you'll level up quickly. Conversely, if you want to take things slowly, you can raise all or most of your skills, as not focusing on one or two in particular will mean a slower rise through the levels.

One wildly unpopular aspect of oblivion was the fact basic enemies levelled up alongside you, meaning even the most powerful warriors could sometimes be undone by sewer rats or angry crabs. In skyrim, though, your opponent's levelling is more like that found in fallout 3.

Continuing bethesda's work with fallout 3, each new level you gain in skyrim will also give you a perk, which you can apply to give you added bonuses relative to how you want to play the game.

The levelling sounds like an interesting experiment, one i like the sounds of since i always hate choosing an "archetype" in a game before i know how i'm going to play it. The combat also sounds like a welcome piece of customisation for the series, but how well they actually work in the game, we'll just have to wait until we get some time with it!
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[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review
Crysis 2 [Preview]

Info by IGN
Spoiler for preview:


[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review
Next Call of Duty Project [News]
Info by gamerzines

[quote=]Confirmed: Sledgehammer Games making the next Call of Duty

Job listing puts the words 'Sledgehammer' and 'next Call of Duty game' in the same sentence.

A job listing for Sledgehammer Games has seemingly confirmed that the next Call of Duty game, due for release later this year, will be developed by the new studio.
The job post, which advertises a vacancy for a Community Manager and listed on Gamasutra, asks whether prospective applicants would "like the chance to build and drive the studio community management effort for Sledgehammer and the next Call of Duty game".
Read that last bit again. Sledgehammer is developing "the next Call of Duty game". Excited? We are.

Many had expected this year's Call of Duty game, confirmed by Activision for release during the "back-half of 2011", to be Modern Warfare 3. But we suspect Sledgehammer is hard at work developing its own Call of Duty sub-series.
Last year's Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Black Ops, was developed by Treyarch.
Sledgehammer Games was formed by Activision in 2009, with studio heads Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey heading up development on a new Call of Duty title. The pair have previously worked on top EA action horror Dead Space.
An official announcement about this year's Call of Duty is yet to be made by Activision.

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Shift 2 Unleashed Preview : Satisfying your Need for Speed

Driving a car at speed can be exacting, thrilling and really, really rewarding. That much has powered the likes of Gran Turismo 5 or Forza Motorsport 3, but there's one thing those games don't convey so well; driving a car at speed can also be absolutely terrifying, and that's a facet that's at the very core of Shift 2: Unleashed, EA, DICE and Slightly Mad Studio's second krack of the racing whip.

When it released late in 2009, Need for Speed: Shift brought some welcome flair to the well-worn art of pounding the tarmac. Its depiction of speed was sensational, the colours draining from a screen that was smeared with a liberal splash of motion blur. Shift 2: Unleashed takes that idea and runs with it, the result the all new helmet cam.

[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

Framed by the visor it's a driver's eye view that exaggerates the extreme. Head towards a corner and the eyes will shift towards the apex, pull alongside a driver and it'll likely glance over while colliding will again dramatically shift the depth of field - and it's all performed to the terrifying soundtrack of an engine's exaggerated bark and roar. It's certainly immersive, and it feels like the experience of racing a car as seen through the lens of Gaspar Noe.

It's not just its depiction of speed that's sensationalist – its driving is too. Like its predecessor it skirts around that twilight zone between sim and arcade that few racers have managed to tread well. A burst around a night-time Spa confirms that it's working well with the GT car we drive skating around with an overload of nervous energy, but there's still a sim heart beating beneath it all.

"If you go to Elite mode, you get all the benefits of a totally accurate physics model," says DICE's Marcus Nilsson, and with his boss Patrick Soderlund's involvement in the FIA's GT series we're inclined to believe him. "If you get into the GT3 car which Patrick drives, that feels like that car does in real life. We've got a good mirror of how to create that. The physics engine is very sim, and we can tweak it to make a more sensational feel for the player who wants that."

There's also the expected boost in content – Shanghai and Bathurst help fill out the track list, and the addition of the official FIA GT licence brings with it a fleet of desirable race cars as well as an opportunity for Soderlund to play as himself. The track list runs to around 100 with 130 cars to hurl around them - numbers that are eclipsed by Gran Turismo 5, though EA's not particularly bothered. "We're not trying to innovate with the numbers like other games in the genre do," boasts Nilsson, "we're trying to innovate behind the wheel, where it really matters."

[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

It's a thinly veiled potshot at Polyphony's opus, and EA's not being shy about its expectations for Shift 2: Unleashed. The original Shift was, until a few weeks back, quite easily the best Need for Speed game for nearly half a decade, but this time out it's got bigger concerns than simply reviving an ailing franchise; now it's got Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport in its sights. "This game is built to become number 1," says Nilsson in a typically Nordic and brilliantly matter of fact way.

And why not? With DICE now heading up the franchise and Criterion delivering what could be the best arcade racer of this generation with Hot Pursuit, the Need for Speed series has never looked healthier. Shift 2: Unleashed may be bashful about its heritage – the Need for Speed part is relegated from the title and will merely be part of the game's box branding – but its immediate bloodline is apparent.

Autolog, the social networking feature that formed the backbone of Hot Pursuit, is here in tweaked form, providing a thread that's set to continue with future Need for Speed games. Within the more serious-minded world of Shift 2: Unleashed its benefits are obvious – competing for fastest times amidst a group of friends has already proved addictive in Hot Pursuit, and when it's transferred over to the more precise art of race car driving that's only going to be amplified.

XP earnt by beating friends times on the speedwall (Autolog's own take on friend's leaderboards) will feed into the overall progression system, and again it's a system with depth, doling out points for various on-track achievements. In the original Shift the feature was smart and compelling, and there's no reason to believe that won't be the case second time around.

And second time around it's heartening that, in the new helmet cam experience, DICE and Slightly Mad Studios is finding room for innovation in a genre that can be slow to move forward. Expect to read more in the run-up to its Spring 2011 release.

source : IGN

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Mantap dibuat nii thread.... Nyimak deh... Info game2 terkini nya tar.. [NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

[Preview] Stronghold 3

[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

Release Date: Q1 2011 | Exclusively on: PC | Genre: Real-Time Strategy | Publisher: SouthPeak Games | Developer: FireFly Studios

Despite Stronghold selling hundreds of thousands of copies, it's surprising how few people in North America have heard about the franchise. Maybe it's because hardcore PC strategy games have generally fallen out of favor with gamers stateside, or perhaps it's because Stronghold 2 was so critically panned that people didn't give it much of a chance, but the team behind Stronghold 3 is out to change your minds. Taking the game back to its roots -- i.e. making a game more like the critically acclaimed original, as well as making it more accessible -- the team hopes to win over the hearts and minds of strategy enthusiasts all over again in 2011.

Stronghold 3 is, just like the original Stronghold, essentially a kingdom simulator, placing you in control of a territory in a medieval setting. Players strive to keep their castle alive by maintaining the efficiency, happiness, and growth of their population. The peasant population construct buildings, process raw goods, and maintain the army for the keep. Basically, without peasants you are nothing but a king with a crumbling kingdom, so you must take good care of them.

Stronghold 3 has a few things that build upon the original concept, though, and is far from just a re-release of the original game. Physics are a huge deal in the new game, with buildings crumbling as they're destroyed, and enemies responding realistically to gravity as they're killed. Traps also use gravity now, with things like rolling logs gaining additional power when used on a sloped surface.

Castle building has also advanced in Stronghold 3, with a new engine that makes it as easy as clicking and dragging where you the mouse want to build. Players can essentially draw walls, adding bastions and other defenses with just a few clicks. Likewise, houses can be dragged and dropped anywhere around your keep, changing their visual appearance and growing larger simply based on location, not relying on the player to click the proper buttons. The whole point is to make the experience more user-friendly, and from what it looks like so far they're well on their way to accomplishing this.

Firefly Studios is waiting to reveal more details about combat, but the company did give us the first word on how the game's online community will function. In the U.S. the game will be distributed via Steam, and players who want to will be able to log into the Stronghold 3 website, where they can enable several online features. On top of being able to upload and download player created scenarios, the website will offer players the option to use Google geotracking to find other players in their geographical area, allowing them to track their in-game stats compared to their actual neighbors. It's a pretty great idea, and seems like it should go over well with the pre-existing Stronghold audience -- who's still playing and participating in fan-made online communities to this day.

In the end the primary thing the developers at Firefly Studios seemed to emphasize to me in their demo was that Stronghold 3 is a return to form for the franchise. They know they disappointed their fans with Stronghold 2, and this time they're keeping their goals within their grasp (unlike last time where they tried to make their own game engine from scratch). It comes out next April, and we're promised a closer look at some of the game's mechanics well before then, but for now it seems like fans of the franchise have a lot to be excited for.

Spoiler for Screenshots:

Official Site
Trid Kaskus

Sumber : IGN

[NEWS] Upcoming PC Games Release

[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

kalau review sexy beach zero mah udah pasti g boleh ya?emoticon-Ngacir

Battlefield 3 is coming[PREVIEW]

[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review


Here's a list of all the things thus far that have been guaranteed for Battlefield 3 by DICE/EA or reputable representatives. We'll be expanding this list as time goes on.

The following items are in Battlefield 3!

* Prone
* Jets
* 64 Players for PC
* 24 Players for consoles
* Modern/Urban combat across the globe including Tehran, Paris, and New York
* Vehicle warfare (including sea)
* Destruction
* Drag fallen teammates to safety
* Single player campaign
* USMC, EU, Russian, and MEC (or variant) factions
* No Windows XP support
* PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3
* Battlefield 3 Limited edition copy announced at GDC '11

Windows XP is not support this game emoticon-Berduka (S)

Quote:An article recently surfaced about the use of DICE's Frostbite 2 engine for Battlefield 3. It's been long suggested that Frostbite 2 will be the power behind BF3 and was also used in BF:BC2. The problem however is that the engine can do so much more than a console does, so DICE is building Battlefield 3 in such a way that it is optimized for the PC as well as consoles.

This is something that us PC gamers will be very happy about. Because of the fact that FB2 will probably be pushed to its limits on the PC. We will expect the utilization of multi-core processors, 64 bit-OS's, and advanced lighting. With all the extra power and utilization of FB2, it can be expected that we'll be getting 64 player matches again (or more!)

While no official announcement of minimum requirements for Battlefield 3 have been made, we do know what engine the game will be running. Frostbite 2.0. Because of this we can estimate what requirements will be expected when Battlefield 3 hits shelves.

Quote:Armies in Battlefield 3 (BF3) are expected to be NATO forces and the Middle Eastern Coalition (MEC.) This is a very small amount of armies, however Battlefield 2142 had the same amount. There has been suggestions that Battlefield 3 may be a MMOFPS, with 2 armies you could choose either side and do quests (battles.) This is also backed up by the statement that you can customize your soldier, however the only thing is, is that there's only 5 classes.
Battlefield 3 has been rumored to be in production since late 2007, when a PDF was leaked online. It is now suggested that this PDF was actually discussing the Battlefield: Heroes game (since released.) However, the game has been in development or at least confirmed since summer 2009 when EA's COO stated that "Battlefield is looking good." However, it wasn't until July 30th 2010 that the world really ended up hearing about Battlefield 3. On this date, EA announced that purchasers of the Medal of Honor: Limited Edition game would get an invite to the Battlefield 3 beta within 12 months of Medal of Honor's release (October 12, 2010.) This date has come and passed, while no Battlefield 3 news has come yet, expect it soon. However, our timeline and estimates suggest the following:

* Screen shots ~ Spring 2011
* Trailer ~ Summer 2011
* Beta ~ Fall - Winter 2011
* Demo/release ~ Spring 2012

Memang sih masih lama tapi game ini yang paling di tunggu tunggu penyuka game FPS

Untuk Info Lebih Lanjut silahkan ke sini
Thread Battlefield 3>BATTLEFIELD3

Electronic Arts - Announced Games 2011

Please be advised that this is not the complete lineup of EA for 2011. We can also expect triple-A titles such as Battlefield 3, Bulletstorm, FIFA 12 and smaller games like Battlefield Play4Free. For so far, this is how EA rolls...

- Dead Space 2
- Dragon Age II
- Fight Night Champion
- The Sims Medieval.
- Crysis 2
- Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (iOS)
- Darkspore:
- Mass Effect 3
- SSX: Deadly Descents

[Preview] Dead Space 2 Preview by IGN

Quote:[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

Until now, EA has been happy to show Dead Space 2 trailers, host multiplayer events, and give interviews, but it hasn't let IGN get its hands on the controller and give Isaac a whirl. Now, with Chapters 2 and 3 behind me, I've got a taste of what the full game will feel like, and I definitely like it. The Dead Space franchise is all about scaring you and letting you marvel at its terrific twists. That said, I'm going to keep this preview spoiler free in terms of story stuff and focus on mechanics and ideas a bit more.

Still, we do already know a lot. Dead Space 2 picks up the tale of Isaac Clarke, a guy who was a regular old engineer but had to fight off hundreds of horrible Necromorphs (corpses reanimated by a parasitic infection and only able to be killed if they were dismembered) on the USG Ishimura in the original Dead Space. Three years have passed, and Isaac's on the Sprawl -- a space station full of nice people who are now being attacked by a Necropmorph outbreak.

My demo picked up with Isaac back in a version of his familiar engineering suit, which gives him some protection from the beasts along with telekinesis and the ability to slow things down. A woman named Daina is leading our hero, but there's also a guy named Nolan Stross trying to get in contact with Isaac. Daina claims he's a psychotic that killed his own family.

And that's all the story I'm going to give you because that's really all I saw in my two chapters. Still, there's plenty to talk about on the gameplay side because controlling Isaac feels better than ever. The original Dead Space was a great game, but I doubled back to play it the other night and found it aged -- Isaac didn't feel fast enough, the stomp was all but worthless, and refilling my enemy-slowing Stasis took too many steps.

That's all different this time around. Dead Space 2's control scheme will instantly be familiar, but Isaac feels lighter on his feet. The stomp and melee moves are also faster and more efficient. That's a good thing because both are now crucial: pounding a beaten foe gives you loot like ammo and health. Whether you're just walking down a creepy corridor or in the middle of a massive fight, health and Stasis can be refilled with the push of a button if you have supplies in your inventory -- Stasis even recharges over time now and you can make that process go faster with upgrades. If you're worried about weapons, the plasma cutter and a bunch of new friends are back, packing alternative firing modes, and ready to have their attributes maxed out.

Workbenches are back for improving your equipment with the power nodes you find in the game and so are a bunch of other Dead Space staples. Save stations are still found on walls. You can sell, buy and store items at the store kiosks you run into. Disfigured bad guys (with terrifying arms sticking out of their backs) still pop out of the walls to scare the pants off of you. I saw a lot of familiar Necromorph faces like the Slasher (the most common Necromorph with its slashing arms) and the Leaper (nasty beasts that crawl on the ground and attack with their tails), but I also got to take on the Pack for the first time.

If you've been watching out Dead Space 2 coverage, you've probably seen the Pack even if you don't know them by name. These guys are the bipedal, kid-sized Necromorphs that rush at you in a group and leap on you. They used to be the Sprawl's burgeoning children population, but when they got infected, the kiddies turned into these baddies.

This is one of the coolest thing about Dead Space 2; the Sprawl is -- or at least was -- a living city so the things we're going to see should be very varied. I took Isaac through a residential section and found apartments wrecked and covered in blood -- bodies still in their beds. Next was a polished mall motif and even a Marker-worshiping Unitology recruitment center. Of course, all of these areas are seriously screwed up: lights are hanging from the ceiling, TV screens are smashed, and there are random fires around the place. All hell has broken loose, and it's evident from the people you find wailing in the common areas or the Necromorph conversions you yourself witness.
[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review
So what exactly happened here? Well, we don't know for sure, but you can bet it's connected to a Marker. If you're just joining the Dead Space universe, Markers are worshiped by Unitologists and pretty much the worst thing in the world -- they make the Necromorphs. Isaac destroyed one at the end of Dead Space, but a conversation in what I played today says that Tiedemann -- the guy in charge of the Sprawl -- made another one. My money's on this fact being what brought the Sprawl down, but I'm sure the game will tell us all about that in due time.

The other thing I'm interested in seeing from the final game? Isaac's mental state. Our hero is plagued with visions of Nicole, his girlfriend who was killed in the original game's Necromorph outbreak. In Dead Space 2, she's a bloody mess and only pops up in scary ways. Is he OK? Did the events of the first game break him? We'll need to wait until Jan. 25, 2011 to find out.

sumber - IGN

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Sticky plis, biar gada alasan orang ga liat emoticon-Embarrassment

Homefront [preview]

source : gamexeon, IGN

Quote:Amerika diserang Korea Utara! Percayakah anda?, semoga tidak, karena peristiwa ini hanya terjadi dalam game saja.

Homefront dikembangkan oleh developer Kaos yang dulunya mengembangkan game Frontlines: Fuel of War.

Game ini bersetting pada tahun 2027 saat dimana Amerika telah diserang oleh Korea Utara. Serangan awal dimulai di Colorado Golden Gate Bridge. Disanalah perjuangan kita akan dimulai sebagai anggota pasukan pertahanan untuk mengusir invasi pasukan Korea Utara.

Ceritanya bermula saat Amerika mengalami keruntuhan krisis energi global. Industri dan sumber daya Amerika telah direbut secara brutally oleh pasukan bersenjata nuklir Korea Utara. Kekuatan militer mereka dilumpuhkan dan kebebasan sipil ditindas.

[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

Amerika telah ditinggalkan oleh para mantan sekutunya, Amerika kini adalah sebuah bangsa di bawah kepungan yang suram. Diberbagai tempat strategis seperti stadion telah menjadi pusat-pusat penahanan, mal pusat perbelanjaan kini yelah menjadi tempat berkumpul untuk menyerang kendaraan berlapis baja.

Homefront adalah sebuah cerita dari generasi masa depan dimana para pejuang berjuang untuk kemerdekaan, membebaskan tanah air mereka. Sepanjang permainan kita akan melakukan misi lintas negara untuk mendukung misi American Army bersama mereka mengangkat senjata dan memberikan perlawanan.

[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review
pic source = ign

Homefront versi PC akan mensupport Dedicated Server

Seperti yang kita ketahui, pihak THQ berencana akan menjadi publisher dari salah satu gameFPS berjudul Homefront yang akan dirilis bagi PC, Xbox 360 dan PS3. Namun ternyata developer dari versi PC dan versi Console dari game ini tidaklah sama.

Hal tersebut diungkapkan oleh pihak THQ beberapa waktu yang lalu. Versi console dari game ini sedang dikembangkan oleh pihak Kaos Studios, sedangkan versi PC akan ditangani oleh pihak Digital Extreme. Pihak pengembang mengatakan bahwa mereka tidak hanya akan memporting game ini ke dalam PC begitu saja, namun mereka berjanji akan menghadirkan Homefront di PC dengan berbagai kelebihan yang tidak ada di console, terutama dalam fitur multiplayer, dimana versi PC dari game ini dikatakan akan sepenuhnya mensupport Dedicated Server.

Quote:"While the team here at Kaos is completely focused on the core Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Homefront, our partnership with Digital Extremes means that PC gamers can look forward to a version of the game tailored to the demands of the discerning PC gamer."
Terkait dengan fitur Dedicated Server tersebut, Frank De Lise sempat menambahkan, bahwa fitur tersebut akan sangat dihargai oleh para penggemar genre FPS, terutama setelah banyak pengembang game lain yang memutuskan untuk tidak mensupport Dedicated Server.

Homefront sendiri direncanakan akan dirilis di ketiga platform tersebut pada tahun 2011 mendatang, dengan mengambil setting masa depan dimana sedang terjadi perang antara US dan North Korean.

[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

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game" xg di review di atas tuh dah pada release ya gan?
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Crysis 2, FTW!! emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Big Grin
Quote:Original Posted By Azteczz
wah, ad thread baru nih, emoticon-Belo
game" xg di review di atas tuh dah pada release ya gan?
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Crysis 2, FTW!! emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Big Grin

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Preview = belum release, baru berita
Quote:Original Posted By Azteczz
wah, ad thread baru nih, emoticon-Belo
game" xg di review di atas tuh dah pada release ya gan?
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Crysis 2, FTW!! emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Big Grin

Padahal liat tagline dari masing2 game, yg ditulis: PREVIEW juga ketahuan kan gamenya dah rilis ato belom emoticon-Embarrassment

[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

"Arkham Has Moved"
-Rocksteady Studios-

Quote:Developer: Rocksteady | Publisher: Warner Bros | Genre: Action Adventure | Release Date: Fall 2011 | Platforms: PS3, XBOX360, PC | ESRB: RP

Quote: Preview

game Batman: Arkham city akan mengambil cerita satu tahun setelah Batman: Arkham Asylum. Sang kepala penjara dari game pertama, Quincy Sharp, sekarang menjadi mayor Gotham City, dan dia membeli sebagian besar distrik gotham city yang miskin untuk membangun organisasi kriminal yang baru, yang bernama "Arkham City", sebuah kota dimana didalamnya merupakan bekas para inmates yang dulu menghuni Arkham Asylum, sebelum Joker meninggalkannya bersama sisa-sisa reruntuhan.
Sang Psikiater Hugo Strange, sekarang memimpin organisasi tersebut.
Pihak Rocksteady menyatakan, bahwa para gamer yang memainkan game pertamanya tidak akan kecewa dengan sekuelnya, karena sekuelnya tidak hanya menambahkan para villains baru dan mendaur ulang faktor-faktor dan aset di game pertamanya.

"Kami ingin memberikan sesuatu yang lebih tinggi dari game pertamanya" cetus Sefton Hill. "Kami tidak ingin membuat sekuel ini menjadi Arkham Asylum 1.5, kami membuat lompatan saat menggarap game Arkham Asylum, dan kami ingin membuat lompatan yang sama untuk Arkham City, kita mempunyai ambisi yang sama dalam sekuel ini."

Two-Face telah dikonfirmasi akan ada di Arkham City, Batman juga akan melawan Joker dan penjahat-penjahat lainnya, semua villains disini juga telah merekrut para inmates untuk gengnya masing-masing. Sementara itu, Catwoman, akan berperan sebagai Batman's love interest, dan dia akan bekerjasama dengan batman selama permainan. Apakah dia teman atau musuh? masih belum jelas.

Sebagian besar senjata dan gadget batman yang ada di game pertamanya akan kembali dalam sekuelnya, dan sebenarnya dia akan memulai game dengan semua senjata tersebut. Dan mereka semua akan dapat diupgrade di sekuelnya. Akan ada gadget-gadget baru, seperti Bat Claw yang dapat mengambil barang pada jarak yang jauh dan sebagai radar pelacak.

sektor Combat / Battle juga akan mempunyai tambahan-tambahan baru, termasuk simultaneous counters, penggabungan gadget-gadget, dan projectile counters yang dilempar oleh para tahanan.

Arkham City juga akan mendapatkan banyak side-quests, seperti Riddler Trophies yang puzzlenya akan lebih rumit, dan berbagai tipe musuh baru.


Game Features

1. Darker than Ever
Alur cerita game Batman Arkham City akan lebih gelap dibandingkan sebelumnya, settingnya akan berada di distrik-distrik miskin Gotham City yang suram, dan dikuasai oleh para inmates gila yang lepas dari Arkham Asylum.

2. New Pals
ada sekitar dua karakter baru yang akan muncul di Arkham City, yaitu Two-Face dan Catwoman, namun belum dikonfirmasi apakah Catwoman akan menjadi ally atau villain. Dan dikabarkan masih banyak karakter yang akan dimasukan kedalam Arkham City nantinya.

3. Got Blood?
Akan banyak adegan sadis dan berdarah-darah di sekuel ini, berbeda di game pertamanya yang tidak 'bloody', sehingga memungkinkan game ini akan naik ratingnya ke Mature.

4. Use Your Brain
Game ini dikabarkan akan lebih memerlukan strategi daripada sebelumnya, sehingga kamu harus bermain lebih hati-hati. Gerakan-gerakan baru akan memudahkan kamu dalam menghabisi musuh.

5. Physx, oh Physx
Berbahagialah bagi para pengguna Nvidia Geforce, fitur Physx akan lebih dimaksimalkan dalam game ini. Jubah Batman akan lebih berkibar daripada sebelumnya.


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[NEW] PC Game's News, Preview, and Review

"A new breed of soldiers. Enter the Ghosts"

Quote:Developer: Ubisoft Paris | Publisher: Ubisoft | Genre: Third Person Shooter | Release Date:Q1 2011 | Platforms: PS3, XBOX360, PC, Wii | ESRB: RP


Future Soldier diset 15 tahun di masa depan dan menceritakan Ghosts, sebuah unit militer elit dilengkapi dengan persenjataan terbaru dengan teknologi tinggi. Sebuah faksi nasionalis yang telah menghancurkan pemerintah Rusia dan menginvasi Negara Nordic yang kaya akan minyak. Untuk menghindari perang dunia, Amerika Serikat mengirimkan Ghosts untuk mengatasi para nasionalis dan memulihkan perdamaian. Anda akan memainkan seorang rekrutan baru bernama Kozak, yang direkrut saat konflik akan segera meletus. Meskipun Anda menghabiskan sebagian besar permainan bersama dia, Anda juga akan mengalami perang dari sudut pandang karakter lain, termasuk bodyguard, engineer, dan seorang warga sipil. Anda dapat memilih salah satu dari empat kelas karakter untuk bermain sebagai: Recon, Engineer, Commander, dan Sniper. Setiap kelas dilengkapi dengan berbagai persenjataan teknologi tinggi yang didasarkan atas penelitian milik pemerintah saat ini.

Ubisoft Paris mengatakan bahwa sebagian besar senjata yang ditampilkan di dalam Future Soldier adalah senjata nyata yang sedang diujicobakan di AS yang sedang dalam proses penelitian dan pengembangan di kantor DARPA, dengan ekspektasi bahwa senjata-senjata tersebut akan digunakan dalam konflik di masa mendatang. Kelas Recon dilengkapi dengan kamuflase optik yang terlihat pada trailer live-action terbaru, yang berdasarkan riset terhadap "meta materials/material meta" yang dapat mendistorsi cahaya. Sedangkan seragam kamuflase memungkinkan Anda untuk menjadi hampir tidak terlihat saat Anda berdiri diam dan menciptakan garis mengkilap saat karakter anda bergerak. Bentuknya mirip dengan “Alien Cloaking” dari film Alien vs Predator.

Seperti game-game sebelumnya dalam seri Ghost Recon, Future Soldier akan menggunakan Cover System. Ubisoft menunjukkan sedikit gameplay, dimana Kozak yang berperan sebagai Commander berlindung di belakang mobil, peti, dan bangunan. Anda memiliki kemampuan untuk maju ke suatu area dengan berlindung disuatu cover, lalu meluncur/bergeser pendek dan menempati cover selanjutnya [cover to cover], mengesankan. Ubisoft sangat ingin menunjukkan bahwa Future Soldier berbeda dari game-game Ghost Recon sebelumnya, yang awalnya lebih konsentrasi ke pertempuran jarak jauh [long range-combat] menjadi pertempuran jarak dekat [short-range combat].

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier akan dirilis di PlayStation 3 Xbox 360, dan PC pada kuartal pertama 2011. Multiplayer Beta-nya akan bisa segera dimainkan di musim dingin ini.





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sayang, Battlefield 3 gak support XP.
mesti apgret RIG nih.

ada yg pnya berita ttg GTA 5 ??
Quote:Original Posted By Irvan27
sayang, Battlefield 3 gak support XP.
mesti apgret RIG nih.

ada yg pnya berita ttg GTA 5 ??

iya emoticon-Berduka (S) nabung buat upgrade emoticon-Angkat Beer

GTA 5 masih belum ada tanda tanda nya sepertinya gan...

Wow ..Batman sepertinya rame nih... apalagi bentar lagi film nya juga mau keluar yang baru emoticon-siul: