Grammatical errors in english song lyrics

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Grammatical errors in english song lyrics
emoticon-I Love IndonesiaHi all EF loungers emoticon-I Love Indonesia

Believe it or not,
Even English songs are written in English, but still, there are some grammatical errors in it.

It might be caused by the urge of a rhyme, in which the song writer wants the same sound among the lines. Or, because the English that was used in the songs is daily-used (colloquaial English) instead of the formal English.

However, it is still interesting to find that some cool songs have some gramamatical errors in it..

emoticon-Kiss Here are some:



Come on, find the errors in your fave songs and let others know!:maho
Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad





Who said English songs need good grammar?
Nobody says that emoticon-Big Grin

I made a statement in the very beginning, sir. That it is a colloquaial language, yet it doesn't need to be that grammatically good. However, for our brothers or sisters who are learning English (some of them are thru songs), I think this would be quite useful..
nice share i think. just don't be overwhelming. this thread is fun anyway ^^

However there're some songs that use "do" for "he" or "she". I ever wondered how could it be like that way? LOL. but then i know that it's just a colloquial words (as in Indonesia, we won't say "tidak" when "nggak" works emoticon-Peace). Yet, for some basic learner, it may sound contrary and a bit confusing, right? emoticon-Big Grinemoticon-Big Grin

Yep. I do believe that for those who knew that habit (that those songs use colloquial language), those lyrics might be fine. But I intend to inform the beginner, that we can learn something (grammatical error analysis) from the English song lyrics.

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yeah may be just several word error emoticon-Smilie

Yeah I think it's no problem

Yep. No one perfect in English.
Sometimes, They were wrong to use the correct grammar. Even bule's emoticon-Big Grin

Fail grammar eh? meh too!!!11


Yep no problem. And no one said it's as a problem emoticon-Big Grinemoticon-Big Grin It's jun a sort of fun thread emoticon-Smilie And it's useful for a basic learner to learn from a song, isn't it? If they can find any grammatical error, they learn something emoticon-Smilie Yet, they'll know what a colloquial words is like

However TS had said it from the first time ^^
oh this thread fun, show us(indonesian) that grammatical error is not big problem in learning english
because bule did too emoticon-Big Grin

I beg your pardon milady.
Am I bothering you? :O

Grammatical errors in english song lyrics
This image credits, goes to Coke

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No. Did i look like i feel bothered? Well, i didnt actually emoticon-Smilie
well, what if you just missheard the lyrics?
like a child misses their blanket or like a child misses the blanket

it's common for native english saying pronoun inappropriately
their educational background is vary


songs, is not language. song is words can rise a rythm by its notation.

u can easily find in any bahasa indonesia songs.

For ex:
1. "lubang di hati" ( can u find any hole in ur hearts )
2. "menggapain mentari" ( can u reach the run, i dont think so )

not even in the grammar, it doesn't have the correct language as well.

so Songs is only the collections of words or phrases which can be heard by the hearer.
i think many "BULE" Doesn't really care about "GRAMMAR", because i ever talk to bule with my worst english language, (cos nervous), and he can understand and do what i mean =)...

Grammatical errors in english song lyrics
inb4 rihanna lol
btw it's called foreigners
in my opinion,yes indeed that foreigners can understand if we speak using broken English
but the result is they will look down on us
no matter what language u are using,it is better to use it in appropriate grammar even though in some circumstances it's avoiding
i give u example:uneducated people when they speak to educated people,of course the educated will understand the uneducated,but the educated will know the level of the uneducated,right?
how you use the language usually defines your intellectuality..
"she no love him the way she do" "God bless me"
who dare say that sentence is wrong? and why?

well its true.
Even the child is singular, it uses 'their' not his nor her.
Grammatical errors in english song lyrics