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TOYOTA FORTUNER Club of Indonesia - ID42NER

Welcome FORTUNERFans!

The Toyota Fortuner, unlike most SUVs in the Indonesian market, represents more than just a product.
The Fortuner is synonymous with off-road prowess, individualism, and an adventurous active lifestyle.
As a traditional ladder-frame SUV, it is a proven tough vehicle,
not just a tough-looking vehicle - a trend that is increasingly common in the SUV sector.

By providing support and encouragement at every step, the ID42Ner community forms a natural extension of the Toyota Fortuner ownership experience.
ID42Ner was first established by Fortuner enthusiasts through online community discussions and currently we have regular monthly meetings.

As a non-profit organization and colleague-oriented group,
the purpose of this club is primarily to establish an association of Toyota Fortuner owners
interested in the preservation and maximum enjoyment of their vehicles.
In other words, ID42ner is for people who love their Fortuners.

Salam Fortuner!

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Thread Digembok
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