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Qualifications, iBT/PBT TOEFL & IELTS+All Related English Courses In Indonesia [Tips]

Qualifications, iBT/PBT TOEFL & IELTS+All Related English Courses In Indonesia [Tips]

Guys, this Saturday I am going to take my first IELTS test in Kuningan. I have took ielts preparation private course to help me gain my target (target = 7).
Yesterday, I took some kind a IELTS simulation, I got 6.5 for listening, 7 for reading, 5.5 for writing and 6 for speaking.

Any advice on how to improve my mark, especially in writing and speaking.
I asked my teacher, and he said that my writing lacks of sophisticated word (not the one which like an academic writing), and needs more linking words. Somehow, when I write something in English (like now), those sophisticated words do not come out.

Also how to get good mark in speaking ( it will be recorded, and I think if I talk to much, I will make more mistakes. But if I just only talk a little, I lose my mark).
The problem is grammar! --_--

Thanks before.
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I also don't have experience. Currently I prepare for it.

To improve the four bands skill, you have to do more practice, in fact I bought 5 IELTS preparation book and one of them is the official practice exam from IELTS.org.

If you have problem in grammar, why don't you buy a book that covers the English grammar?

How's the result friend?
wow.... emoticon-Belo

the test sounds really hard...
i will take this test next month, taking the preparation class just 3 weeks emoticon-Frown

if you need some practice materials, you can download it for free

the website also provide TOEFL ebooks...
most of them are published (in real life emoticon-Big Grin) by Cambridge...
I got overall score 7. emoticon-Malu

Listening 7, reading 7.5, writing 6 (~_~), speaking 7.

The night before the exam, I cannot sleep!!! Nervous syndrome.
When I first entered the room, my heart beat so fast (dag dig dug), my back ache also (encok keknya), but listening section was pretty good (I realized one mistake after I went home, I wrote writen instead of written!!! argh..)

Reading, good enough, 1st passage about food (seaweed, agar, etc), I love food, so I really enjoyed it. 3rd passage a little bit confusing (always, 1st passage is the easiest, 2nd is intermediate, 3rd is hard).

Writing, hm... my teacher said that I should use some sophisticated words (not common daily words). I have used it quite a lot, use amend instead of improve, interact (communicate), etc. Actually on the last day, I used word web thesaurus to find the synonyms of some simple words and choose a new words (sophisticated one) lol. But still, I only got 6 in this section. I am not very good at writing, last semester, in my academic writing class I got only B+ (while my friends got A or A- emoticon-Frown )

Speaking. My partner was a slim, tall, old Australian lady. She reminds me of Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter movie, and she is so kind and funny.
We talked about food (again), and historical places.
The conversation is recorded and she or other corrector can realize more mistakes from me!!!! I think I talked too fast and *ceplas ceplos*. No need time to think, just said whatever across my brain at that time. But I got 7. Happyy..

overall, I satisfied enough with my result.
Wish a good luck for those who are going to take the test soon.
I want to take an IELTS test and I think It's very hard when I read your posts.Do you have any suggest where is the best course to take an IELTS course? thanks
Well, I took a private course 30 hours at Future.
I think, you can still learn it by yourself, because during private course, they give you the module and let you do and complete it by yourself. At the first or second meeting they will introduce you to the materials of IELTS, after that, you do alot of moduls. But I think, you can learn it by yourself, the most important is that you need self-discipline.

Thanks Bro for your advice,so I must find moduls of IELTS.what books did you ue when you have a course? thanks again emoticon-Smilie

A good reference. From cambridge books.
May i know who was your inteviewer?

was he / she Indonesian or foreigner?

Thanks ^^

the sound is good!
cambridge wow,,it must beemoticon-I Love Indonesia credible sources
bayar habis berapa gan ikut test ielts di indonesia?
180+25$ berlaku u semua kota ya ( jogja t'msk ga?

ada yg kasih paket les preparation sekalian ngga?
ky british council gitu, biar lbh familier sm interviewer.

berguna u speaking ktnya bs naikin score kan. emoticon-Embarrassment
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you supposed to use english bro.. emoticon-Smilie
costs between cities are almost the same...
i took a preparation class at TBI, it really improves my writing, although i still have many problems in reading and speaking...

it is important to take a class before the actual test, obviously you don't want to throw away your money for bad ielts score, don't you?
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She is a foreigner from Ausie probably. I forgot her name. haha.. Difficult to remember and at that time, I did not listen carefully when she mentioned her name. lol

sorry gan, thanks for reply

what kind of prep available?
can you tell me package&cost?



Hai bro, anda mau yang private atau class study?
kalau mau yang private silahkan kontak kami di http://blessing-english.com/
Just sharing, the test is a nightmare, fufufu... very difficult..
I failed in speaking, whereas I spoke fluently already. The problem is the grammar, huhuhu I hate grammar... emoticon-Hammer

My topic in speaking test is describe about my house. At the second part, I need to talk about where is the best house i ever been, and describe with details.
The third part is about urban housing development, and how the government plays the role in current situation..

The most difficult part, I think, is reading... My topic at that time is about avalanche, lie detector and business manager...

On listening part, i think nervous will affect to our exam. first time i realized, what I focus was not the recording, but my heart beating.. Fufufu... Maybe this is my first time to take up the test, hope next time will be better (if I will take it again)....

i got 6 overall, emoticon-Frown I expected to get 6.5... Will take up the test back next time, Keep Fighting!!!

Good luck for the exam, guys...

May I ask you, brother? Do you need 7 for your PR application? emoticon-Big Grin
You are pretty good to get 7 in speaking. I don't believe that your got only 6 for your writing while I think that your writing is already very good emoticon-Frown
Wow, 7 is a good mark for IELTS I think,
you only need to improve your academic writing skill.
Maybe your grammar is good for writing ; but writing is not only a grammar, writing need another skill that you must learn like structure of writing, transition between paragraph, transition between sentence, structure in paragraph, and many more.
I recommend you to buy or search (on internet) books that talk about academic writing.
hello all emoticon-Smilie oh my god, hard enough to get 7 i guess, i just need 6.5 to fulfill the requirement to study abroad. im going to take the test 2 weeks later, wish me luck brother

yes, i agree, 7 is a good mark for IELTS, for example, if you are senior high school graduates, and you want to study at Australia, you only need 5.5 IELTS to meet the requirement to study at every foundation in Australia.
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