Why do The Moon and the Sun never Appear Together

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Why do The Moon and the Sun never Appear Together
Long, long ago, the sun and the moon lived happily together in the sky. They always appeared together during the day and night.

One day, the sun shone brightly so that it almost burned the moon. The sunlight hurt the moon's eye very much. This made the moon blind.

The moon left the sun although the sun had apologized to the moon.

That's why the sun shines during the day and at night teh moon appears. They will never reunite again.

The end, emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Big Grin

is that good story?

How about you ?
cuz the moon's a whore and the sun just couldn't take it anymore...

that's a better ending my friend
it's because their destiny like woman and man.. have unique character



The Moon and The Sun sometimes actually Appear Together...
You just need to put a little more effort to see the Moon on Daylight...

After all, if they never appear together... Then the chance of Solar Eclipse happening would be impossible, right?
man, there is a solar eclipse, do you know?? hahaha they sometimes appear together ^_^

sorry for my english emoticon-Big Grin
i ever heard this story before but i don't really remember where and when. hmmm.........
For a while, The moon have PMS cause it, she didn't took ML so she'd gone.
Sometime she come back beside The Sun.
WOW ur perfect, this piece is WONDERFUL, i love it! KEEP WRITING !! haha lebay emoticon-I Love Indonesia

this post rulez!!
not really, sometimes the moon and sun come together, when the late afternoon or early morning,
first, i have to say sorry to TS b'coz i have to say it's a shallow story...
you must find another character and background about sun and moon...
too much people have told the story about the sun and moon like this, with love background...
i'm sorry TS

hope we could fine another story about the reason appearance of sun and moon separately...

thx a lot
see u

Sundance and the moonlight

I want to write, in the mean time please have a seat and let me reign

Once upon a time Mother universe gave birth a twin brother/sister. the brother name Moon, whose face is pale and have some quiet personality. the sister name sun, which is lively and cheerful.
As a normal child, moon and sun closely related to its parent..and soon as they grew up, they find there is just not enough attention for both of them. Sun, who is lively, eager , carelessly speak forward about this and call her brother. " I would like to add 'R' to your name, because it suits you I simply would call you MoRon..Sun who is famous among friends and a leader of popular group, so they mock the moon ferociously.

Moon who is silent, in truth hide a dangerous personality. It turns out to become a bloody quarrel, with the sun end up sheathing on blood bath. ever wonder why sky become red in time the sun shifts into the moon (dawn or dusk), now you know the reason.

for my lovely girl for the lunch time before emoticon-rose

this is like a serial killer story a bit.... anyway... but keep writing!!! it's good to see ppl wrote in short paragraph..... because it described writer's personality sometimes.. .. ; )
i'm english starter so correct me if i wrong, before i deepens this thread im interest to ask about a sentence "Why do The Moon and
the Sun" in title name instead of "why does the moon and the sun" sory i should send the question to grammar thread but may i get the answer directly, thx be4hand

Why do The Moon and the Sun never Appear Together

do you think that they are such as people ???emoticon-Repost
sad story, i only like happy ending story....
emoticon-Mewek Im So Sad read the story
one upon a time...
1 person want make story about the sun and the moon!


hahahaha u r so funny!

The moon and the sun are plurar not a singular.