what is best way to improve your conversation skill?

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what is best way to improve your conversation skill?
Dear all,
I've been looking for an easiest way to improve my English and need your opinion.
What is best way to improve your conversation skill? join a conversation course? find a native speaker which may cost us a lot, of course...or simply find some friends and do it in groups regularly? Probably you may come up with a better idea...

Thanks in advance.

i think u already done it all.....

well, it's not really working.. i need it to have a better way to start another new conversation activities while trying to keep up the recent conversation activities that has gone dull...

yeah..think we have the same problem here..less vocabulary&grammatical kowledge r my other problem.T_T

please anyone.... lets share about this problem together....
yeah me too,i need some advice here too. my school is international school but when my teacher is talking to me,i was like 'uh uh yes sir' hmmmm need advice here,mate. sorry for the bad grammar etc teehee
Thanks all...
I'll dare myself to speak.
Well, I think less vocabulary&grammatical things are something that we can easily improved by reading...sometimes. But the problem is that when it comes to the actual conversation then suddenly we get lost in the conversation itself. Did any of you have any better experience in sustaining your conversation capability by doing something that applicable these days?

My main problem is, I have to keep using my English actively to maintain it otherwise it will fading away and poof..gone!! I am lucky that I have chances to speak English daily but it hasn't got helping me that much. I still come into a dead end conversation from time to time.

Any suggestion, anyone..?
watch a movie! buut.. do not read the subtitle, or turn off the subtitle.. emoticon-Smilie emoticon-I Love Indonesiaemoticon-I Love Indonesiaemoticon-I Love Indonesia

You will find a lot of good articles on learning English there. Read them and follow their advice. Do the work! Practice! Practice! Practice! No Pain No Gain!

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Great, thanks... few more options, I will note that!!

is that case, Your Problem Solved???
Quote:'s a matter of sharing and finding best ways, so I am sure that every opinion will surely help me to break the dead end.
I may have to say that I'm getting to solve it by the help of you all... thanks
I have an idea:

Gathering native kaskuser to make an english club as Conductor

Every weekend We go to club and enjoy with english
I usually watch movies or listen to an interview of a band (sometimes, it feels like forcing me to understand their words)
Or, you can talk to foreigner thru fb,ym,skype and stuffs..
what is best way to improve your conversation skill?
free to call me if ur a woman, we'll talk in english. emoticon-Najis

Sounds great!! Is it possible?
I've had a conversation group with some friends who have the same interest. It went for some time until the member had to leave one by one and that's it...
The commitment for it was quite hard to get.

I am agree with u.. so as human only try more and more

I have information about english club in jakarta.. If u want just PM me

Great, thanks!! How kind of you..
I happen to be in Jogja but I'll note that in case i need it someday.
use english almost everytime! in writing, typing, and speaking emoticon-Big Grin