EF Education and Literature Rules !!!

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EF Education and Literature Rules !!!
In addition to the general EF rules, there are additional rules for this subforum.

The additional rules are mostly to enforce the general ones:
-In the spirit of education, your replies must be informative to the thread. Just giving a simple response without explaining the reasoning behind something will not help the person asking to learn.

- Response length is irrelevant but relevance is important and as such, any attempt to add post count with one liners will not be tolerated.

- Everyone here are equal, nobody shall insult or ridicule others based on their English proficiency. Be polite to everyone and never judge others.

- This forum and its contributors are NOT here to do your homework/assignments/projects. You are more than welcome to ask for assistance but you must do your part first before any assistance will be given (to the very least try to google it). Laziness have no place in EF.

- Give time for someone to respond to your request. Everyone here is doing this for free on their spare time, whenever you ask for help and put a specific deadline do not get mad if you did not receive a respond in time.

Overall, please think before you post. Any infractions will be dealt with accordingly and persistent offenders will be punished.

That's all folks !! Have fun and lets help each other to improve our English.

Rules set on: Aug 17, 2009
Last Revised: November 26, 2009