[Journalism] The SNU Quill Vol. 17

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[Journalism] The SNU Quill Vol. 17
For those of you who are interested in Journalism,
here I am with something Fresh !

It may seem like I'm promoting my uni's english language publication, but i'm not. SO just getting that clear.

Feel free to write comments here or on the site.

Updates will be done whenever new issues are published.

[Journalism] The SNU Quill Vol. 17

You're from Seoul National University??

hmm.. why? r u korean or sth?
Nope lol, just asking :P.
hihihikkkkk.... just sitting hereemoticon-Smilie

UPing threademoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (S)
mycomment are "now i know that korean have same internet problem like other country, like people who like play in online game too much. it's said people who play in the internet for 4 hours a day often have social problem, lack of sleep, etc. but what if the people who work in the internet??"

why don't u ask them whose work there ???
Journalism? humm..
same! emoticon-shakehand:
Thanks this looks great i've already sign up and download some document.
just peeking


Ajarin saya bahas inggris

just wondering, what is the content about? my internet connection is very limited, so I've to think twice before open any bandwith killer content emoticon-Smilie Please let me know more about this journal, thanks emoticon-I Love Kaskus

Just join up in scribd and download that document in pdf type. It isn't that large, only 15,8 MB. You can download it and enjoy some funny site or just hang around in kaskus. By the time you check it again, it should be done already.
Give it a try, dude..
is the link broken or what?

it says : "address not found"
Funny the links works just fine for me. Is it updated every month? Bi-weekly?

It takes about 7 minutes to have the file downloaded. emoticon-Smilie

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Please, help me...!saya tertarik dunia jurnalistik
Thanks for sharing ID*
I'll post comments afterwards.

I love journalism, exactly what I studied in collage..
Sometimes, if i'm not forget I did a photograph in my way back or otherwise for my journal in thumblr, blog, or MS.word.

Sorry for bad english emoticon-Malu (S)
I'll do my best for my english, so I need criticism from agan-aganwati emoticon-Kiss (S)
mod,lemme join here please emoticon-Big Grin