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Berjemur Sampai Mati !! Merdekaaaaaaa!!! BB18+

Berjemur Sampai Mati !! Merdekaaaaaaa!!! BB18+

Disturbers, I'm Baaack!!!! And it's good to be back!
Ripos kagak ya...

Ini Pak Polisi yang sedang mengendali kuda supaya baik jalannya...
Berjemur Sampai Mati !! Merdekaaaaaaa!!! BB18+

Ini 2 mayat seksi nan modis yang tetep bergaya ketika meninggal...
Berjemur Sampai Mati !! Merdekaaaaaaa!!! BB18+

Ini beritanya...

Saturday 24th February 2007
Two Russian Women shot dead on Jomtien Beach.
A terrible case of murder now from the southern section of Jomtien Beach, in front of Soi 18. Police Colonel Sutin, the Chief of Pattaya Police was one of many Officers to attend this case after receiving information of two foreign women who had apparently been discovered dead on the beach.
At the scene, the two women were identified as Miss. Tatiana Tsimfer aged 30 and Miss Liubov Svirkova aged 25, both Russian Nationals. They were both slumped over deckchairs. In front of them was a half-empty Whisky Bottle and can of Coke. Other items including a mobile phone and money belonging to the pair were also found suggesting this was not a robbery.
Miss Tsimfer sustained one gun shot wound to her stomach and left leg and Miss Svirkova sustained a shot to her right arm and the center of her chest. Both were confirmed dead at the scene by a forensic doctor who confirmed the pair had been shot no more than one hour before authorities arrived at the scene.
We spoke with a Security Guard who works at the nearby Ananya Condotel who mentioned that he remembered seeing the two Russian Women at around 4am. They were drinking and would occasionally go for a swim. Just before 6am, the Security Guard heard screams from the two women and 4 shots were heard. He then saw an unidentified Thai man leave the scene on a motorbike.
Later on Saturday Morning, Police Lieutenant General Asawin, the Region 2 Commander of Police came to Jomtien to inspect the crime scene. He took a few moments to speak with the press and confirmed that a dedicated murder investigation team has been assigned to this case. The team is currently inspecting CCTV pictures from cameras located along the beach and a separate unit is producing detailed profiles of both victims in conjunction with the Russian Embassy.
He confirmed that the pair checked into the Dragon Beach Resort Hotel located only 100 meters from the murder scene, on 16th February and were due to check out on 3rd March. It is believed at this point that they traveled alone. Information concerning a possible suspect points to a Deckchair attendant working in the area who failed to appear for work on Saturday Afternoon. Suggestions of a possible dispute between the Russian victims and the attendant are being investigated and Police confirm they have full details of the attendant and are currently searching for him.
We expect further updates on this murder case over the coming days and will of course bring them to you here on Pattaya City News.
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Berjemur Sampai Mati !! Merdekaaaaaaa!!! BB18+
keduax juga kagak boleh
translate dulu gan... btw, liat dari pictnya kayak di pelem2 action aja.. emoticon-Angkat Beer
sexy bowww !
wew.. sadis..
ditembak perampok atau berantem saling tembak-tembakan?
kalo dirampok tapi HP & uang gak hilang...
korban mafia Rusia ya??
tetenya kemana-mana
kesempatan tuh polisinya raba2 emoticon-Embarrassment
diawetin aja tuh pak polisi!
Cinta Segitiga kalee...Sesama Wanita??
wahhh sexx sayang mati ya....
kenapa sampai mati gitu gan
itu artinya apaan tuch gan???
kagak ngerti gua mah
emoticon-Ngacir Tubrukan
TKP nya dmn gan

knp tuh mati nya kek gitu

btw tete nya ngondoy gan
TKP nya dmn gan

knp tuh mati nya kek gitu

btw tete nya ngondoy gan
beneran ato lg syuting film ni..?
Buset, dibunuh di negeri nan jauh..
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