Yang maen game ini masuk sini.....

nanti gue bikin desc-nya.....masi sibuk neh, tp dah ngebet bikin thread..... emoticon-Peace


1. Zeon_88 (427715) -->sama dgn nick kaskus
2. RTC(897806) ----> Sering ubah nick tergantung suasana hati (terakhir DontBustMeMoron)
3. Ghozi [578297] ---> nick kaskus abu nida
4. yenzy [937944] ----> nick kaskus Chaidir_d
5. Som id:[927884] ----> nick kaskus nyezku
6. Dji Sam Soe [518921] ---> nick kaskus pasrah007
7. Repnos [644223] ---> nick kaskus lollies
8. alanfreek [924294] ---> nick kaskus EZ
9. slvstr [952489] ---> nick kaskus Pornpass
10. orochi1 [897919] --> nick kaskus lee271079 --> yg ajak gue maen game ini, mentor gue neh....maha guru lendir
11. charlette [247611] --> nick kaskus ricopkpd
12. dynamite08 [958486] --> nick kaskus dynamite08
13. Pejuang45 [970276] --> nick kaskus core junior
14. maraschino [478724] --> nick kaskus Maraschino
15. Shuichi_Akai [448636] --> nick kaskus StefanoMario

...akan dilanjut....
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emoticon-thumbsup: mantap bos~ emoticon-Big Grin g da reg juga~ emoticon-Big Grin

id lo ap?

seru neh game.... walopun flownya cukup lama~ emoticon-Big Grin

modelna kaya viva ponata gitu d....
id gue ? ada deeeeee..........

ayoooooo ada yg laen gak, dicoba dulu aja, kl ada yg ga tau tanya saya.....emoticon-Peace
sepi neh bos rtc? emoticon-Frown ga ada yg minat? emoticon-Big Grin
nihhhhh sekilas info nya. ini game kompleks menantang...........


Within the Torn City network there is something for everyone. May it be organising a bank hold-up with your friends, playing poker to fulfilling a loving relationship. Torncity really does make all other gangster roleplay games look bad, this isn't your average neopets. The list below is a snippet of the content featured in the game. By signing up to this excellent online browser game for free, you will have access to all of this great content plus regular updates.

No resets - Active players will never ever be deleted, train your stats knowing they will never be lost!
No cost - Torn City will always be completely free and will continue to be the best crime RPG for years to come!
Community - Come, meet, and socialize with hundreds of players in Torn City's large and vibrant forums and IRC community!
Crimes - Go make some cash or cause a little terror by committing one of over 50 crimes with hundreds of outcomes!
Attack - Got a problem with another player? Go and show them who's boss by attacking, mugging, or hospitalizing them!
Factions - Create or join one of Torn City's hundreds of factions, socialize, war and commit organized crimes together!
Items - Own hundreds of items, sell them, use them. Ranging from Chocolate bars, to AK-47s!
Stocks - Invest in a realistic stock market and watch your money rise!
Jail - When you fail a crime, you may end up in the Torn Jail. Bust or Buy other people out of jail!
Hospital - View the unlucky ones, hospitalized by other players! You should watch out for yourself and keep your friends close!
Gyms - Become one of Torn City's strongest by training your defence, dexterity, speed, and strength in one of Torn City's gyms!
Missions - Complete missions as you level up to earn extra game areas, items and cash!
Race track - Buy a car and greatly modify them for use on the race track against other players!
Marriage - Find a sweetheart and propose to marry them. Enjoy the benefits of marriage like shared housing!
Drugs - Feel the positive and negative effects as you experiment with one of the many drugs available on Torn City!
Jobs - Try your hand at one of 6 Torn City jobs, and see what it's like to be a doctor, in the army, a lawyer, and more!
Companies - Start one of 36 companies and hire other players to work for you, from Hair Salon to Oil refinery!
Education - With dozens of education courses, pick one and become smarter, improve your work skills!
Casino - Lady Luck in your corner? Find out by playing one of our casino games!
Poker - Lose your money against up to 8 other players in Texas Hold'em!
Russian Roulette - Six shots, one bullet and a load of cash. Win big or shoot your foot trying in Foot Russian Roulette!
Markets - Become an integral part of, the Torn City economy by buying and selling goods in the markets or auction house!
Loan - Save your money or get a loan through Torn City's banking and loan sharking financial services!
Bank - Invest your hard earned cash in an investment account over a period of time!
Shops - Look around the Torn City Shopping malls and buy Weapons, Armour and Items!
Virus - Program viruses, copy them to disks and sell them to players... Or use them yourself to complete virus crimes!
Newspaper - Read the Torn City Times, here you will find the latest game events and stories!
Properties - Save your money and move into bigger and fancier digs. With 14 beautiful houses to choose from!
Travelling - Travel to 9 sunny and interesting destinations and experience the services, shopping, and cultures of the world!
Hunting - Head to South Africa at level 15 and do a little hunting!
Hall of fame - Rise through the ranks of Torn City and be recognized as the best of the best in the Torn City Hall of Fame!
Contests - Come on out and show your talents as you compete to win valuable Torn City prizes in one of the many contests!
Awards - Earn distinguished awards for accomplishing one of the many tasks in Torn City!
Always running - Torn City is always running and you will be able to access your account from the web anywhere in the world!
Original - Torn City is like no other online web game in the world! It runs on its own gaming engine.
Servers - This online text based role play game runs on a number of powerful servers, lag is always at a minimal!
Staff - Need help with anything? Torn City has a great group of staff members who will happily assist you!

dah gue add bro.....
id gue 897806

belain ya kalo gue diapa2in org.... emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Big Grin

boss masukin gue di faction n company loe dong.... emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Big Grin
TC rawks emoticon-Big Grin
buat user yg levelnya msh dibawah 10 sabar2 aja yah maennya. Memang agak bosan dilevel bawah karena blm punya duit bnyk. Nurut w mau naek ke level 10 mudah aja kok asal rajin online dan crime terus. Ntar kalo udh masuk level 15 keatas, uang seakan mudah bgt dapetnya.

Wah w sekarang lagi ngumpulin duit buat bgn company, sekarang lag kerja dieducation aja utk train intel w kasi 30rb. Ntar companynya udh jadi w ajak kaskuser masuk ok. Kalo faction w mendingan jgn msk dulu, itu yg empunya udh mau bubarin katanya makanya membernya dikit aja gak mau nambah lagi (tinggal nunggu habis masa peacefulnya)
buat para TC members w cuman mau peringatin aja jgn pernah multi account alias 1 org dgn 2 ato lebih id. Bisa masuk federal jail neh. W udh pernah masuk 30 hari, cewek w kena 1 taon jadinya gak bisa maen lagi. Kejadiannya kita sering online sama2 dgn cara setelah w logout giliran dia login di comp/ip yg sama drmh w ato rmh dia. Kena deh multi account. W udh bilangin keadminnya tetap gak mau percaya. Ya udh, sekarang cewek w maen pake id temen w yg udh gak mau maen lagi dan kita avoid any sending items dan login hanya drmh masing2.

Pertanyaan w apa bisa kita tetap multi account dgn cara 2 id login bersama2 (he..he.. jgn coba2 yah hanya opini). Soalnya adminnya pernah blg kalo kita loginnya gak sama2 jadi bukan pake internet dipublic area kayak wifi gt.

ga juga kok. gue dah rasain asiknya....kl loe aktif, loe bisa dapet merit point yg laku dijual sampai 200K, kl point biasa bisa dijual sampe 27K. pas loe dah dapet itu, tiba2 gamenya jadi terasa cepat....
gue jadi donatur aja cuma iseng nyobain paypal kok (norak ya), sebenernya ga perlu, me....

oya ambil kursus, lalu lamar kerja di t4 player lain, gaji dan working stat yg didapat jauh lebih bagus....

attacking systemnya asik, cobain dah, bikin deg2an musti pake strategi, ga asal klik aja kayak game lain yg sejenis......

kalo masuk penjara jangan kuatir, biasanya ga brp lama ada yg bust, krn nambah point banyak buat naek level.....

horeeeeee TC'ers mulai bermunculan...... emoticon-Angkat Beer

dah gue add di friendlist gueee......lanjuuuutytttttt

itu apaan ya? ko tiba2 nemu dompet gw
^^ ambil aja bro......gue juga pernah kok...

4:00 AM\tYou found the item Raven MP25 while walking around the city!
ada yang coba2 nyerang gw =P


str gw cuma 1,002.2232, tapi damage gw ko bisa sampe 3k lebih gitu ya?? mohon petunjuk nih sesepuh
khan weapon berfungsi sbg multiplier bro.....

wuih senjata loe dah baretta bro, beli di item market ya ?

dikasih orang emoticon-Embarrassment
game apa sih ....

coba dulu d ....

ntar bantuin ya emoticon-Big Grin

id-nya apa bro....
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