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(★★★) Juventus FC Sp.A 2019 - 2020 (★★★) @JuveKaskus @IndoJuveJOFC #ForzaJuventus

(★★★) Juventus FC Sp.A 2019 - 2020 (★★★) @JuveKaskus @IndoJuveJOFC #ForzaJuventus

Welcome To Indonesian Juventini aka Juventini Kaskus
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Bila Ada Yang Melanggar

satpam yg ngasi laporan

1st Warning, Delete post

2nd Nama diapus dr list + Bata abuse

3rd gw laporin momod krn gw anggep flammer + Bata dr penghuni bench Juve

semua demi Kenyamanan dan ketentraman Trid Juve...

bagi yg ga sependapat silakan bikin trid makian/hinaan ttg juve/ke spectre

bagi yg sudah keterlaluan /tidak bisa di kasi tau baik2

dipersilahkan langsung dibata rame2

dan req BANED +DELETE post

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Atletico Madrid-Juventus, the words of Sarri after the match

Some criticism, but also satisfaction. That was the mood of Maurizio Sarri after Juventus drew 2-2 with Atletico Madrid in the Champions League this evening. He spoke to Sky Sport after the match: "I see the match from a positive aspect. It was a real challenge, demonstrating that we grew a lot from the last performance. And we were playing on a difficult pitch. The negative aspect is that it seemed like we had the game in hand."

"To draw like this leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, but in this stadium you don't score in many games, we were near 3-1 and we also had three shots in the last minutes. The squad is alive, there is the need to be better in predictable situations. The cliche says to switch to a man, but it doesn't make sense. It is a question of attention and aggressiveness: they have great people at jumping, but above all the first ball was very slow. We could have intervened better. We'll work on it."

On the choices of individual players: "Bernardeschi? It was predictable that he could have space, and the brilliance of Cuadrado could be useful. Among other things, in recent months he has always trained as full-back: I deployed him further, and for the fault of my choice, we paid for something in the end. We have analyzed the game a lot: in the notes I wrote a lot to speed up the work in the coming days. We have in mind the good episodes and our criticisms, like how we allowed 20 switches in play to the opponents. There were movements that didn't go well, but there are some extenuating circumstances."

In the end, a few words on the attitude: "In Florence there was influence and we lost our focus, therefore also the three points. Fiorentina demonstrated to be a game ahead of us. The difference is mental: today we took the field with the right determination. And the things we work on in training came out."
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