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Jeremy Zucker - Comethru (analys)
Literary Appreciation

I really love Comethru by Jeremy Zucker. This melody is easy listening, it lights up my mood. The lyrics feel like they reflect my life right now. Also, the genre is pop which is really my style. Though it is kinda depressed song, I don't feel depressed at all. Indeed, I smile every time I listen to it. After all, this song is really me when I've been through bad days. My boring life, my strugle, my fatigue are inside this song. Now, let's appreciate this masterpiece.

"I might lose my mind. Waking when the sun's down. Riding all these highs." These days as I'm getting older, my life is messier than when I was a child. My sleeping and my eating schedules are not the same anymore. I'm awake when everyone is sleeping and sleep when everyone is working. It affects my health and my mental condition. These lines reminds me of my condition. It makes my mood swing so easily. Am I this crybaby? I'm so down.

"Ain't got much to do. Too old for my hometown. Went to bed at noon. Couldn't put my phone down. Scrolling patiently. It's all the same to me. Just faces on a screen, yeah". The mood swing makes me bored with my life. I don't know what to do. So, I try to open my social media to kill this boredom and fatigue but it doesn't help. But all I see just people who share their happiness and I guess they won't mind to share. This lyrics are really me.

"Now I'm shaking, drinking all this coffee. These last few weeks have been exhausting. I'm lost in my imagination. And there's one thing that I need from you. Can you come through, through. Through, yeah. And there's one thing that I need from you. Can you come through?". As how strong I am going through these hard days now I realize I just need someone to talk to. I need to have a heart to heart conversation. Someone who I can share my tired life with. Someone who can make my life goes back to how it should be. I want that someone knocks on my door, sits next to me and telling me everything is gonna be okay.

But then the lines "I'm trying to realize. It's alright to not be fine on your own" make me think it's okay I don't need to be happy all the time. Also, I don't have to pretend that I'm strong all day. I need to rest and let tiredness out of my body. And, I can't bother all of my friends of my grumblings.

After all, this song teach me that I should grow up and feel this tiredness and boringness as a lesson for me to grow up. Finally, I found a song that suits me really well. A song that not that gloomy. Indeed, the song makes me want to dance all day and forget all of my problems and tiredom. Aftet listening to this song, my days seem more bright. And all I need just chill, relax, and stop grumbling.