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°Clover Ragnarok°😎
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°Clover Ragnarok°😎

Wellcome to Clover Ragnarok
Remembering Old Memories!!!

Official Release:
13 Agustus 2019

Private Server Classic with the Pre-renewal concept.
Ragnarok Online Clover is here for those who want to be nostalgic.
let's join and play together.

Episode 13.2 (Encounter with the Unknown) (Pre.Renewal)
Base exp rate: 100x
Job exp rate: 100x
item rate common: 5x
item rate common boss: 5x
item rate common mvp: 5x
item rate heal: 10x
item rate heal boss: 10x
item rate heal mvp: 10x
item rate use: 10x
item rate use boss: 10x
item rate use mvp: 10x
item rate equip: 50x
item rate equip boss: 30x
item rate equip mvp: 30x
item rate card: 50x
item rate card boss: Disable
item rate card mvp: Disable
item rate treasure: 10x
Premium Service ( Buff +dish3,EXP & Drop 150% ) (No Soul Link/Asump Buff)

Spoiler for @command::

[CENTER]Lets join with us:
Download : download
Fanspage : Fanspage
Discord Group : Discord Group
Group Facebook/FJB : link
Group WhatsApp : link

Spoiler for Newbie freebies Reward:

Spoiler for Event Collecting valkyrie helm :

Spoiler for Event prime woe Clover Ragnarok :

Spoiler for Event MVP MONTHLY REWARDS :

Spoiler for Event Rate My Kaskus!:

Spoiler for Event Player Get Player:

Spoiler for Event Maximun Level:

Spoiler for Event Migration Guild!:

Spoiler for Event Hunting Mission!:

Spoiler for Event Like & Share Facebook Season 1:

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h.Rz dan hintz memberi reputasi
Diubah oleh cloverragnarok
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Ign Last Arrow
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ign nya tolong sesuai di game ya kk..soalnya gak bisa masukin reward nya..ign kk ada yang salah tulis
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