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[IDOL] Republic of Keyaki - Keyakizaka46

Republic of Keyaki - Keyakizaka46

Keyakizaka46 is a female idol group which officially debuted on the 6th of April, 2016 with the release of their hit single Silent Majority. A song much unlike the usual idol fare, with the girls singing against the established authority, voicing out those that are never heard. Their songs, coupled to choregraphy sometimes elegant, sometimes aggressive, but always polished, soon gained them the title of “cool idols”. Idols who aren’t all smiles, and who actually sometimes don’t at all. 

They quickly gained a following after a more than successful launch and even participated in the Kōhaku Uta Gassen TV show in their first year of existence. Hirate Yurina, who has been the center of the group ever since its formation, quickly became its face as well thanks to her unrivaled expressions and overall visual power. 

Yet, they are still idols, and as such have plenty to offer as far as the sweeter side of idols goes. Handshakes, TV shows, live streams, they have everything you can expect any big shot idol group to have if you ever want to learn more about them.


Debut Single Silent Majority
Spoiler for 1st:

#2 Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai (There is Only Love in the World)
Spoiler for 2nd:

#3 Futari Saison (Our Season)
Spoiler for 3rd:

#4 Fukyouwaon (Discord)
Spoiler for 4th:

#5 Kaze ni Fukaretemo (Even the wind it blows)
Spoiler for 5th:

#6 Garasu wo Ware (Break the glass)
Spoiler for 6th:

#7 Ambivalent

Spoiler for 7th:

Masing masing single punya konsep yang berbeda-beda dan menurut ane yang membedakan Keyaki dengan idol besutan Aki lainnya adalah peran centernya yang udah kayak Bunglon. 7 single berturut-turut dijadiin center gak jadi masalah karakternya cocok banget sama konsep awal grup ini.

Keyaki Republic 2017 (FULL YOUTUBE)
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Fanpage Region Indonesia:
Twitter: Keyakizaka46ID
Instagram: Zelkova46ID
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