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DSME Selesaikan Basic Design Kapal Selam Pesanan TNI AL

DSME Selesaikan Basic Design Kapal Selam Pesanan TNI AL

A ceremony to commemorate the completion of the Indonesian submarine’s basic design was held on 18th March. It is Korea’s first submarine export so DSME received a great deal of media attention when signing the contract.

DSME had 50 basic design drawings approved by the Indonesian Navy and began the structure and production design. The Indonesian submarines will be constructed entirely by DSME instead of depending on German technology. DSME will also carry out the design and material supply autonomously.

During the ceremony, an Indonesian representative said, “DSME and the Indonesian Navy have a good relationship through the submarine depot maintenance. We deeply trust DSME’s technology.”

sumber: http://www.dsme.co.kr/epub/ds/td/dst...urrentPageNo=1


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