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Pokemon Go ( Team Instinct ) [Yellow] Diskusi . Tanya Jawab . Strategy

Pokemon Go ( Team Instinct ) [Yellow] Diskusi . Tanya Jawab . Strategy

Spoiler for Why Pokemon GO's Team Instinct Deserves Your Respect :

Everyone's playing Pokemon GO - and while the game is mostly nice and friendly, there's also an element of competitiveness and tribalism: TEAMS. The three teams are:

Team Mystic (aka the blue team, represented by Articuno)
Team Valor (aka the red team, represented by Moltres)
Team Instinct (aka the yellow team, represented by Zapdos)
Of the three, Team Instinct has stood out as the least common choice for players and the most often ignored in rivalries. But it's a great team, equally deserving of respect amongst other Pokemon GO players.

Overall, it seems that Team Instinct is in the minority most places - where gyms are typically dominated by members of Team Mystic and Team Valor. As a result, no one really takes them too seriously.

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