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OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

Totally fresh new full renewal server! OMG! Ragnarok Online created to be fun to play. We have 1000x/1000x exp rate and custom drop rate (med-high). Many item for quest and many instance to explore.

[o] Gepard Shield v3
[o] Full Renewal
[o] 1000x/1000x/custom drop
[o] Episode 17.1 (quest & instances fully implemented)
[o] Job3 MaxLv 200/70
[o] Alternate Style for job 3 and alternate style 4th job
[o] Max ASPD 193
[o] 2020 Client
[o] roDEX System
[o] Daily login reward
[o] New Player Reward (Newbie, Facebook, KasKus)
[o] Latest kRO job bundle patch
[o] Rockridge, Banquet for Heroes, Terra Gloria, Illusions, High Level Dungeons
[o] Many new official item for many creative build and game play
[o] All item farm-able

Main Language: Indonesian & English

[o] Achievement System Enabled
[o] Title System Enabled
[o] NPC Job Changer
[o] NPC Reset Stat & Skill
[o] NPC Costume Quest
[o] NPC Equip Quest
[o] Mining area for farming some item and zeny
[o] Fishing Area
[o] OMG! Mall will lots of quest
[o] NPC Hat Maker
[o] Party EXP share limit 15 level
[o] Healer with VIP Buffer
[o] Hourly automatic event
[oo] Poring Catcher
[oo] Devil Square
[oo] Find the Mushroom
[oo] Super Poring
[oo] Disguise
[oo] Monster Counting
[oo] World Boss
[o] Super Poring Event
[o] Battleground and Shop
[o] Hourly Points and Shop
[o] WOE Shop
[o] Weekly event every Saturday 9 PM (GMT +7) and surprise event
[o] Illusion Dungeon
[o] Double Drop Rate Rush on every weekends
[o] OMG! Maintown

[o] Old Glast Heim     [o] Isle of Bios     [o] Bakonawa Lake
[o] Faceworm Nest     [o] Malangdo Culvert     [o] Endless Tower
[o] Nightmarish Jitterbug     [o] Sara's Memory     [o] Geffen Magic Tournament
[o] Horror Toy Factory     [o] Buwaya Cave     [o] Ghost Palace
[o] Charleston Crisis     [o] Morse Cave     [o] Sky Fortress
[o] Temple of Demon God     [o] Infinite Space     [o] Poring Island
[o] Central Laboratory     [o] Last Room     [o] Octopus Cave
[o] Sarah And Fenrir     [o] Wolfchev Laboratory     [o] Airship Raid
[o] Devils Tower     [o] Room Of Consciousness     [o] Monster Exterminator
[o] Heart Hunter War Base     [o] Werner Laboratory Central Room
[o] OS Mission     [o] COR Mission
[o] EDDA Somatology [o] EDDA Fall - Glast Heim

Spoiler for more screenshot :

MVP Card & Hall of the Abyss card

@mi @go @whodrops @storage @refresh @whereis @at @rates
@autoloot @alootid @request @playtime @ etc...

Newbie Reward
Facebook Group Reward
KasKus Reward

All player (donation or without donation) can get all the item available. Many quest!

JOIN NOW and get your OMG! KasKus Reward

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IGN : Viuz

Ramein yok mungpung masih fresh gmnya friendly item donasi bisa di cari pokonya seru deh
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