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Ledakan di Konser Ariana Grande Telan Korban Jiwa

Ledakan di Konser Ariana Grande Telan Korban Jiwa


4L kah?

live update di :

Update on all that we know so far

  • Emergency services are dealing with a major incident at the arena following reports of an explosion.
  • GMP has confirmed “a number of fatalities and others injured.”
  • British Transport Police officers say they responded to reports of an explosion in the foyer of the arena, where singer Ariana Grande had just finished performing, at around 10.30pm.
  • It’s not yet clear what caused the incident, but there are multiple reports of ‘loud explosions’ or ‘bangs’.
  • There is a heavy armed police presence in the area. A bomb disposal unit is also at the scene.
  • The surrounding area has been cordoned off, and transport in and out of Manchester is disrupted.
  • Police are treating the incident as a potential terrorist attack

Reports of at least 20 dead and many injured after two explosions in Manchester Arena

Update :
ISIS Klaim Serangan Bom di Konser Ariana Grande
Diubah oleh kfear

masa konspirasi terus
tetep aja korban n daerah jajahan israel cuman seuprit dibanding 2 sodara samawinya
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