Top 10 Tips for the BlackBerry 10 Hub

Spoiler for video:

1. Peek into the Hub from anywhere by swiping up and to the right from the bottom of the screen.

2. Swiping up from the bottom of the Hub while keeping a finger on screen pulls in a compact sidebar with notifications.

3. Instead of long-pressing, releasing, and tapping again on the contextual menu, drag your finger following the pop-up and release on the command you wish to select.

4. Long press a date marker to mark prior opened in the contextual menu.

5. Scroll up past the top of your messages to see your upcoming calendar items.

6. Tap the bottom-left icon to filter which notifications are shown in the Hub.

7. To select multiple messages, long press on a single one and pick Select More.

8. To remove sections from the Hub, tap the overflow menu button in the bottom-right, go to Settings, Hub Management, and toggle at will.

9. To hide the unread count from the Hub filter pane, tap the overflow menu in the bottom-right, tap Settings, and Display and Actions. After toggling Display Message Count, the count will still show up from the lock screen.

10. To jump back to Hub filter navigation, swipe to the right from the back button in the bottom left (see video explanation). This will summon a compact root-level filter menu, so you can jump elsewhere without having to swipe back multiple times to get to the primary Hub screen.