Option 1: Have the wide players run down the field and in towards the CM. This can help open up options for your AM and allow him to do more with the ball.
Option 2: Have the two CM or DM run forward to give an option for the wide players and AM/CM to play the ball back to. This can help your midfield keep the ball and move it around untill an opportunity to go to goal presents itself.
</|/> 4-3-2-1
Option 1: Have the CF check back, and the two Fwd’s run forward, this can allow for a give and go through the box, or allow the fwds to play off of the CF.
Option 2: Have the wide players run forward and get wider on the pitch. This can help stretch the field and enable them to get involved in the play by throwing crosses into the box.
*</|/> 4-4-1-1
Option 1: Have the Right Mid run down the sideline in order to help cross the ball into the box. With your forwards staggered the way they are, the RM has a ton of space to work with and if he is good, has a lot of space to do something good with the ball.
Option 2: You can try having the forward that is closer make a run down into the box to have him receive the ball off of the high forward and have a go at the goal.
Option 1: Have the close fwd make a run deep into the box, and have the two high forwards check back to receive the ball. In essence, the switch places. This can help open up more options to get the ball to your forwards and still have passing lanes amongst them for them to do something with the ball.
Option 2: Have your wide midfielders run forward in order to get some crosses into the box, since you have three guys in there already. It can also help stretch the defense and get a lot of numbers forward to score. It can however leave you open for a counter attack.
*|/> 3-4-1-2
Same as the 4-3-1-2 formation
Same as the 4-3-2-1 formation
</|/> 5-3-2 (Sweeper)
Same as the 5-3-2 formation
</| 5-3-2 (Defensive)
Option 1: Have your CM move forward into an AM position to try and have the two forwards and the AM combine and try to create a goal scoring opportunity.
Option 2: You can try having ne of your forwards check back into the midfield in order to help the midfield get the forwards the ball. Since you only have 5 men in the attack, this may be necessary to get the ball to the forwards feet so they can try to create a chance at the net.
|/> 4-2-4
Option 1: I would try having a CM move into an AM position to have someone on the edge of the box to collect any clearances from the defense from the crosses your wide players will be having. The AM can also receive the ball from the flanks and have a shot, or combine with the forwards as well and create a chance from that. This can leave you open for the counter attack however, as the formation itself is already extremely attacking oriented
Option 2: I would try having a forward check back towards the top of the box for the same reasons as the AM in option 1. This will help stop you from committing too many players to the attack, since you already have a lot.
</|/> 4-2-2-2
Option 1: I would have the two AM’s run wide and down the flank to have crosses and open up the field. This will help stretch the defense and help create crosses, which lead to scoring chances.
Option 2: Have one of the central midfielders run to the space in between the two wide midfielders. This will give you a player that will allow you to switch the field in the middle of the pitch, and keep the ball, instead of going down the flanks and possibly giving the ball away every time.
Same as the 4-3-1-2 formation
Option 1: I would have the AM run forward to create a triangle with the forwards and create a lot of passing opportunities and allow for creativity between the FWDs and AM, in order to try and get a goal.
Option 2: Have the two wide midfielders run to the flanks and forward. They will get wide opening up the defense and allowing for crossed to be placed into the box for a forward to tap into the goal.
Same as 4-2-2-2 formation

I hope this is written in an intriguing and fun way so that you can learn what you need to to become the next SM Manager that everyone is talking about. Please feel free to say what you wish, and PM me with any other questions you may have or if you need clarification on something in the future. As always-a post can do the trick as well.

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