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[Official Thread] Oracle VM Virtualbox

[Official Thread] Oracle VM Virtualbox



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Link Download


Versi 4.1.12 for Windows hosts : [url][/url]
Versi 4.1.12 for Mac OS X host : [url][/url]
Versi 4.1.12 for Solaris host : [url][/url]
Versi 4.1.12 for LINUX host : [url]

Orang2 yang membantu TS di trit ini

Update! Virtualbox v4.3.4.91027
Released on december 2rd 2013


Ebook Virtualbox:
[URL="*"]Virtualbox 3.1 Beginners Guide's[/URL]
[URL=*]Dasar2 menggunakan Virtualbox[/URL]
[URL=*]VirtualBox_Guide How To Use Virtualbox[/URL]

Tutorial Virtualbox:
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All About Virtualbox
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Link untuk Bertanya tentang Operating System
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Portable-VirtualBox is a free and open source software tool that lets you run any operating system from a usb stick without separate installation.

Installation instructions

1. Download and run Portable-VirtualBox_v4.1.14-Starter_v6.4.9-Win_all.exe.
2. Choose a folder to extract to.
3. Go to the folder and run Portable-VirtualBox.exe. You’ll see a window like the one below:

4. If you have already downloaded the installer for VirtualBox from [url][/url] click search and navigate to the file. If not, click “Download The Installation Files of VirtualBox.” Portable-VirtualBox will show you the download’s progress.
5. Once the installer is download, check the boxes that are appropriate and click OK. Portable-VirtualBox will extract the files it needs from the VirtualBox installer, and restart itself afterward if you select the last checkbox.

Keterangan lengkap dimari :


Cara yg lebih gampang :
1. Download file portable diatas
2. Extrack file di folder usb kamu, lalu jalankan file Portable.Virtualbox.exe
3. Nanti akan terlihat spt gambar diatas, lalu download File installasinya samapai selesai.
4. Setelah download pilih menu extrack file sesuai pc/lepi kalian for 32bit/64bit,
5. Lalu klik oke..
6. Setelah itu jalankan kembali Portable.Virtualbox.exe, nanti sdh bisa digunakan utk menginstallasi os kamu di flashdisk/usb.

Jika mau mengcopy paste hasil virtualbox temen ke flashdisk kamu, ambil data dari C:\Documents and Settings\nama users\VirtualBox VMs
lalu copykan 1 folder itu ke flashdisk, setelah itu pilih Machine pd Virtual box lalu klik add dan pilih filename dgn extension .vbox utk membaca hasil virtualbox pd temen kamu..

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