[Verandaddict] Jessica Veranda JKT48 Fanbase
[Verandaddict] Jessica Veranda JKT48 Fanbase

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[Verandaddict] Jessica Veranda JKT48 Fanbase

"Even though I'm shy, but I still fashionable, My Name, Ve"

Quote: [Verandaddict] Jessica Veranda JKT48 Fanbase

Ve Profile

~ Birth Name : Jessica Veranda Tanumihardja
~ Nick Name : Ve
~ D.O.B. : August 19, 1993
~ Birth Place :
~ Height : 168 cm
~ Horoscope : Leo
~ Blood Type : O
~ Religion : Christian
~ Favorite Color : White, Blue
~ Favorite Club : Arsenal
~ Favorite Sport : Badminton, Basket Ball, Swimming, Base Ball
~ Favorite Japanese Food : Sushi, Sukiyaki, Ramen, Chawan mushi, Taiyaki
~ Favorite Childhood Games : Congklak
~ Hobby and Likes : Fashion, Reading, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Modelling
~ One thing that must be mandatory and must exist in a bag of veJKT48 wherever she goes is a mint candy
~ Good at English Language
~ So feminine and Fashionable
~ See the sky and heard music classic, also one of the ve hobbies
~ If not a member JKT48, who Ve now? Just an ordinary girl living her ordinary life

~ About Her : JKT48's fashionista, I speak fashion in a charming way. Let's catch some style emoticon-Big Grin

We call this shy girl Ve, to differentiate her with the other Jessica. Like kinal, ve is one amongst hundreds e-mail applicants that get to interview part of the 1st JKT48 audition. Although she's seen very silent most of the times, she's very proud and happy to be a member of JKT48.

~ Ideal Type : My ideal type, phisicly he has to be taller than me & cute smile, nothing really matters beside that. As long as I feel comfortable with him.