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dr dl pake hp touch screen ga prnah keras2 teken.. hehehe..
ane rasa krn panas pnyebabnya.. maklum, doyan nge-game.. hehehe..

mungkin juga karena panasnya

bisa juga post di xda buat diskusiin tentang ini --> http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1611294 .. dikasih tau cara fix screen flexnya ini
Quote:When the phone start heating i can feel the shell relaxing a little on the left side which creats a sort of gap/flex on the left side of my One X, when it cools down the left side becomes rigid again, keep in mind i was downloading SD game content over wifi + charger and it overheated twice with the blinking warning, so maybe that also aggravated the situation

semoga cepat sembuh ya one x nya emoticon-Smilie