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Taylor Swift - The Ordinary American Girl

Kaskus Swifties Proudly Presents
Taylor Swift - The Ordinary American Girl
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Taylor Swift - The Ordinary American Girl
Background Information
Birth name : Taylor Alison Swift
Born : December 13th , 1989
Origin : Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
Genres : Pop, Pop Country
Occupations : Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Actress
Instruments : Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Years active: 2006 - Present
Labels : Big Machine Records




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Taylor Swift Heads Back To Studio For 4th Album

Taylor Swift has returned to the studio now that her movie break is over. She recently tweeted the news to her eager fans that played her songs from The Hunger Games soundtrack and her recent song with BoB. She shared that this upcoming album won’t be happy, as much as she hinted before hand when she started her break. She says it will stay on the current path that she has been on, which is heartbreak. Here are her collection of tweets regarding her new album.

Recording the next album. So happy…It’s not recent, but absolute crash-and-burn heartbreak

This news comes at the heels of her new song with rapper BoB, “Both of Us”. You will find the song down below if you wish to catch it. It just shows the amazing talent featuring both stars. I have no doubt that she will do an amazing job with this new album and maybe we can expect a few changes. Even if her song topics about heartbreak don’t change, I do think she could find other ways to mix it up. But I do feel like we should trust her as well. She hasn’t missed the boat yet, and I have high hopes that she won’t with this album as well.

How do you feel about the return of Taylor Swift to the studio? Are you excited for it as much as she is? I am and I am curious to hear what she will do with it. She clearly is in the early stages, but she seems to be so excited for it. It makes me wonder what she all has planned for it? No doubt, some amazing stuff, so I have to say that I am eager to see where she takes it. Let’s hope it comes out sometime this year!


Semoga beneran bisa release tahun ini juga, bakalan penuh lagu galau dan sad song keknya nih...emoticon-Embarrassment