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Qualifications, iBT/PBT TOEFL & IELTS+All Related English Courses In Indonesia [Tips]

Qualifications, iBT/PBT TOEFL & IELTS+All Related English Courses In Indonesia [Tips]

Guys, this Saturday I am going to take my first IELTS test in Kuningan. I have took ielts preparation private course to help me gain my target (target = 7).
Yesterday, I took some kind a IELTS simulation, I got 6.5 for listening, 7 for reading, 5.5 for writing and 6 for speaking.

Any advice on how to improve my mark, especially in writing and speaking.
I asked my teacher, and he said that my writing lacks of sophisticated word (not the one which like an academic writing), and needs more linking words. Somehow, when I write something in English (like now), those sophisticated words do not come out.

Also how to get good mark in speaking ( it will be recorded, and I think if I talk to much, I will make more mistakes. But if I just only talk a little, I lose my mark).
The problem is grammar! --_--

Thanks before.
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Ok, so here's the deal.
First of all, you've made some kind of decision and someone told you, "You're gonna need IELTS score for that (Band 6 or 7)".
You go home and you wonder, what is IELTS?
You've then decided to Google it up and do some 'K-search' (Kaskus research).

You've then acquired some information about IELTS:
1. It is not cheap. 2. It is not easy 3. Even the preparation costs a lot of kaching.

Perhaps you will begin worrying at this point, mostly worrying about whether you can pass this test or not. You don't have to. And I repeat it. You don't have to worry about it. IELTS is more of a test of willingness.

So what's the smart way? How can we really do this so called 'Preparing yourself'?

First things first: Let's do some PROFILING . Ask yourself these questions
Step 1. How old are you? 15 y.o? 27 y.o? 40 y.o?
Step 2: How often do you use English? 3 hours a day? 5 minutes a day? 20 hours a day?
Step 3: How good is your English knowledge? - You know, grammar and stuff …
Step 4: Do you enjoy reading? Is reading one of your habit?
Step 5: Can you response to a topic in a different way? - What I mean is, for example, when talking about Traffic Jam in Jakarta. Do you always blame/criticize the government? Can you offer a different perspective/touch?

PROFILING means that you have to be realistic about your target. You need to know precisely about yourself. For example, you have deadline for your 7 band score to be submitted in two months. You do realize that you have never ever use English in the last 4 years. You should not expect to get that score in just two months. If you want it so badly, be all out and learn IELTS 7-8 hours a day. You may get that score. Or else … You won't.

Guide Answer for PROFILING:
1. If you're still a teenager, your brain perhaps is in prime condition, you will quickly understand most of the explanation. However, you have never dealt with university lecture, so there's a chance you've never encounter any academic reading yet.
If you're twenty something, we shall assume that you're already a college student once, it means you have the experience. The question is, have you spend some quality time in the library? Or, perhaps you copy-paste all the way in developing your skripsi? If, the latter is true, it means creative writing might give you a headache.
Forty something? You're the expert in your fields, you need all 7 IELTS band to go on with your Phd.. ehm … you should pm me if you're in this age level.

2. The more the merrier. Enough said.

3. If it's not good, admit it, and then refresh that part using an English Refreshment Package (to be posted soon enough, hopefully). Don't push yourself into IELTS Prep, if your English knowledge is limited, IELTS prep won't do any boost to your score.

4. You don't enjoy reading? Start buying Jakarta Post, Reader's Digest, Time, National Geographic and anything in English now. Read it. In addition to that: Install Indovision, watch international news, and try hard to absorb it.

5. Open mindedness is necessary. During a writing process, you need to practice brainstorming and create several possible sub-themes to link your writing.

So, in this first post, I want to emphasize that:
1. You have to realize that this is an INTERNATIONAL test. (read: challenging, which means if you don't give your best effort you will probably ended up not getting the score that you need)

2. There are 6 phase in Preparing Yourself:
a. First phase: Profiling followed by Pre-Test
Set clear goal, plan your IELTS study hours, be commited. Do the pre-test. Let the fun begin.
Spoiler for Pre Test:

b. Second phase: English Refreshment Package
Finish book 1-4. You can skip this phase if you're confident with your English
Spoiler for ERP:

c. Third phase: Vocabulary Building (Expose Expose)
Read and watch anything in English at least 3 to 4 hours a day for two months. Read 5 and 6.
Spoiler for 5 & 6:

d. Fourth phase: Learn the trick, trap, and solution. (Learning 4 skills)
Spoiler for 4 skills:

e. Fifth phase: Simulation ( Do this at least three times)
Spoiler for IELTS Simulation:

f. Sixth phase: Revealing the scores. And know what you have to do after that.

Ah, have you done your simulation test? Don't forget to download the key..
Spoiler for IELTS Simulation KEY:

Now you already have the scores for each section. Based on my experience, there will be no significant increase / decrease in the IELTS score after the second and the third simulation. That is, of course, if the simulation date is still in the same month. According to an International research, after 50 hours of intensive English learning, your IELTS score will have a chance to improve by 0.5.

On your first try, your IELTS simulation score may not accurately reflect your true ability, due to your inexperience and nervousness(IELTS Virgin? emoticon-Big Grin). However, the second and the third simulation will surely reflect your score during the real test. You just have to make sure you accurately follow the time limit and instructions.

I hope this post can be useful.
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