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Film Dokumenter | Documentary Films and Clips (Max. Request 3 Film per Hari)
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[Sharing] Film Dokumenter | Documentary Films and Clips


National Geographic Channel

National Geographic - Emperors of the Ice
National Geographic - Crocodiles: Here Be Dragons
National Geographic - Creatures Of The Mangrove
National Geographic - The Washington Sniper
National Geographic - Inside Mecca

National Geographic - CIA Secret Experiments
National Geographic Megastructures - Dubais Dream Palace
National Geographic Megastructures - Megaship
National Geographic Was Darwin Wrong? Evolution Documentary!
World's Most Dangerous Gang

Bermuda Triangle
National Geographic - Munich Olympic Massacre
National Geographic - Ultimate Disaster (Ultimate Tornado)
National Geographic - Treasure Seekers
National Geographic -Aftermath Population Zero

National Geographic - In The Womb
National Geographic: Aftermath Population Zero (2008)
National Geographic : Inside the Green Berets
National Geographic - Volcano Nature’s Inferno

[url=://]National Geographic - Historys.Conspiracies.The.Hunt .For.Hitler.[/url]
[url=://]National Geographic - Inside.Undercover.In.North.Kor ea.DSR.XviD-BiQ[/url]
[url=://]National Geographic - JETMAN The Whole Story[/url]

National Geographic - Aryan Brotherhood
National Geographic - Worlds Most Dangerous Drug
National Geographic - Megastructures.Missiles.720p.H DTV.x264-DHD
National Geographic - Inside the U.S. Secret Service

National Geographic: Ferrari (idws)
National Geographic - Megafactories : High Speed Delivery UPS
National Geographic - Outlaw Bikers
National Geographic : Lockdown - Gangland
National Geographic - America's Hardest Prisons

National Geographic - Inside Shock and Awe
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC : Inside The Vietnam War
National Geographic: Air Force One
National Geographic On Board Marine One

National Geographic - Naked Science - Angry Skies
National Geographic Channel - Naked Science - Angry Earth
Nat Geo: Naked Science: Lightning Strike
National Geographics - Tsunami - Killer Wave

National Geographic - Marijuana Nation
National Geographic - Through the Lens
National Geographics - Inside the Vatican
National Geographics - Money Factory
National Geographics - The Secret Heart. Stressed Out (2007)
National Geographic - Air Crash Investigation season 1 - 5


Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel - Sexual Secrets
Discovery Channel - Perfect Disaster
Discovery Channel : Bermuda Triangle Beneath the Waves
Discovery - The Human Sexes [Complete Series]
Discovery Channel - Nostradamus

Discovery Channel - Alien Planet Documentary
Discovery HD - Rides - Lamborghini Factory
Discovery Channel - My Shocking Story - Half Man Half Tree
Discovery Channel - Fight Quest
Discovery Channel - Future Weapons

Discovery Channel - Extreme Surfing
Discovery Channel - I Shouldn't Be Alive- Season 3
Discovery Channel - I Shouldn't be Alive! beberapa episode lain
Discovery Channel - When We Left Earth The Nasa Missions
Discovery Channel Documentary Austin Stevens: Snakemaster-Most Striking Moments

Discovery Channel - Great Planes
Discovery Channel - Top Ten Combat Rifles
Discovery Channel - Future Weapons Season 1 & 2
Discovery Channel - Hackers : Outlaws and Angels
Discovery - Science: Ten Ways the World Will End (2007)

Discovery - Why Dogs Smile and Chimpanzees Cry
Discovery Channel- Understanding: Sex (1994)
Discovery Channel - Beirut to Bosnia
Part I: The Martyr's Smile
Part II: The Road to Palestine
Part III: To the Ends of the Earth

Discovery Science - Top 10 Comic Book Heroes

Discovery Channel - How It's Made (Season 1)
Discovery Channel - Next World Future Life on Earth
Man vs Wild


IMAX - Mystery of the Nile
IMAX - Dolphins
IMAX - Coral Reef Adventure
IMAX - Australia - Land before Time
IMAX - Antarctica

IMAX - Lost Worlds: Life in the Balance
IMAX Beavers (1080i) *HDTV*
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National Geographic Treasure Seekers: Glories of Angkor Wat

“The lost city of Angkor: one of mankind’s most remarkable creations”

Angkor, the great medieval city located near the Tonlé Sap (the ‘Great Lake’) in north-western Cambodia, was abandoned by Khmer rulers in the fourteenth century in an effort to find a capital that could be more easily defended against its neighbours.

It is a breathtaking 200-square-mile expanse of stone temples and its greatest temple, Angkor Wat (literally ‘pagoda of the capital’), is the city’s crowning jewel - a vast stone map of the cosmos and one of mankind’s most remarkable creations.

In 1856, a young French naturalist, Henri Mouhot, set out to discover new animal species in Southeast Asia. Instead, he stumbled on the lost city of Angkor. Uncovering temple after temple hidden by jungle, Mouhot wrote a stirring account of Asia’s most bewitching and romantic ruins, sparking an explosion of interest around the world. This documentary follows in his footsteps and discovers how the jungle and the ruins intertwine in beautiful and mysterious harmony.

Fifty years more would pass before a written record of Cambodia’s lost civilisation came to light. Scholars discovered a journal written by a Chinese envoy in the 13th century. This remarkable document described Angkor at its zenith - a teeming metropolis of dazzling riches, beautiful princes, and exotic customs.

Its author, Zhou Dagoun, was a diplomat sent by the Chinese Khan to investigate the mysterious Khmer kingdom and plan a Mongol invasion.

This documentary is part of the National Geographic ‘Treasure Seekers’ series. It is not a travel guide with endless images of stone temples, but a well-produced programme of beautiful video footage, images and the Henri Mouhot story, set in the Angkor Archaeological Park in NW Cambodia. This is a unique opportunity to get to know this former city, see its beautiful stone carvings and get a feel for the mystic beauty of this World Heritage site.

This documentary is part of the highly acclaimed ‘Treasure Seekers’ series, produced for National Geographic.

700 Meg


Use download manager such as Flashget when using Megashares. For free download, it works on passport system which allows downloading 250 Meg. on one ticket. After a certain time has elapsed, return to the link and renew your passport. You can then resume downloading another 250 Meg of the file. You will need to renew your passport ticket twice to download the entire file.

So far have only Megashares link for this doc.

NG Treasure Seekers - The Silk Road

In the West, stood a continent built on lofty ideals and grand ambition. In the East, towered an empire of unimaginable size and splendor. For thousands of years these two civilizations had thrived in seeming isolation. Two men stepped into the void. Marco Polo was lured by the promise of unprecedented wealth; Sven Hedin by a thirst for adventure and the trappings of world fame. Confronted by the most daunting terrain on earth, they went in search of a lasting connection between East and West, along the old Silk Road.

Written and produced by Neil Barret
Narrated by Gavin Macfayden
Directed by James Barrat
Researched by Victoria Campbell
53 minutes, English and Mandarin Chinese dual audio

Technical Specs

Video Codec: DivX
Video Bitrate: 1979 Kbps
Video Resolution: 656x480
Video Aspect Ratio: 1.34 / ~4:3
Video Framerate: 29.97
Quality Factor: 0.21 b/px
Audio1: English (subs included separately)
Audio1 Codec: Dolby AC3
Audio1 Bitrate: 192 kb/s @ 48KHz
Audio1 Channels: 2
Audio2: Mandarin Chinese
Audio2 Codec: Dolby AC3
Audio2 Bitrate: 192 kb/s @ 48KHz
Audio2 Channels: 2
Runtime per Part: 53 minutes
Number of Parts: 1
Part Size: 896 MB (1/5 DVDR)
Ripped by: PolarBear





National Geographic Mysteries of the Nile Xvid

Video Codec: DivX
Video Bitrate: 1976 Kbps
Video Resolution: 656x480
Video Aspect Ratio: 1.36 / ~4:3
Video Framerate: 29.97
Quality Factor: 0.21 b/px
Audio1: English (subs included separately)
Audio1 Codec: Dolby AC3
Audio1 Bitrate: 256 kb/s @ 48KHz
Audio1 Channels: 2
Audio2: Mandarin Chinese
Audio2 Codec: Lame MP3
Audio2 Bitrate: 128 kb/s @ 48KHz CBR
Audio2 Channels: 2
Runtime per Part: 53 minutes
Number of Parts: 1
Part Size: 896 MB (1/5 DVDR)
Ripped by: PolarBear



Treasure Seekers: China's Frozen Desert

Discover how a wealthy Buddhist kingdom, which flourished along the Silk Route in the Taklamakan desert in the fifth and sixth centuries, was rediscovered by Aurel Stein in 1902. Among the treasures he uncovered was a complete library of Buddhist texts from the eight and ninth centuries.


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