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What is a backlink and how to make a backlink?
What is a backlink?

A backlink is actually a link from one site to another. For example, we have two sites A and B, and there is a link to site A on site B. The stronger site B is and has a higher authority, it can be shown to Google that a valuable and trusted site refers to site A, so site A is also reliable.

So, to buy backlinks (خرید بک لینک ), you must visit reliable and strong sites. Sites that users visit a lot on a daily basis, and if you get links or reports on those sites, the probability of many users with different IPs entering your site will increase.

The best type of backlink

Links in social media posts

You must be asking yourself what are the best backlinks? Links in social media posts are a valuable type of backlink for SEO. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can drive significant traffic to a website. When a link is shared on social media, it can also help improve a website's visibility and credibility.

Referral backlinks (referral domains)

Referral backlinks, also known as referring domains, are examples of backlinks that come from other websites. These links can be a valuable source of traffic and help improve website SEO. Referral backlinks can be earned through affiliate links, guest blogging, and link exchanges.

Do backlinks have to be relevant?

Yes. In the past, Google's algorithms did not insist on this point, and the more backlinks there were, the better it was to improve the SEO ranking of that site. But currently, Google's algorithms emphasize the relevance of sites; So, when buying a strong backlink (خرید بک لینک قوی ), we should pay attention to it. For example, a site that works in the field of selling irons, it is better to link in forums related to irons than forums related to food!

What is anchor text or target keyword?

To find the right anchor text, you need to see what words your site's entries are, which you can use Google Search Console or SEO tools to find out. Anchortext should be related text. For example, your site is a laptop sales site. You should get links with words like buying a laptop, or selling a laptop; So, when buying a quality backlink (خرید بک لینک با کیفیت ), you should remember the appropriate anchor text. Finding the right anchor text is one of the tasks of SEO.

What are broken backlinks and how to revive them?

Let's say a strong site linked to your site, but the link they inserted was wrong. Finally, that link will lead to a 404 page, which is not useful for improving your site's SEO ranking. As a result, you can email that site and request that they fix the link. Or you can create a page for the same link and redirect to the main page.

What types of backlinks should we avoid so that our site is not penalized

Paid and bulk backlinks

Search engines look at the value of your site based on how popular your site is with other real sites and making money. Google says that buying and selling links can negatively affect SERP results. By buying a link, not only does it not add to the value of your site, but you also have to wait for its negative consequences. So avoid buying bulk and unnatural backlinks to your site.

Low quality or irrelevant directory links

If you set up profiles in directories that are not trusted or considered (or if they are not relevant to your business) it may not be good for your SEO. They are also considered spam and many website viewers hate them.

Low quality forum backlinks

A brand's forum posts, especially those containing links, should be limited to high-quality forums and genuine discussions. If you want to post backlinks in the forums, be sure to be active in them. People who try to spam these sites with links may not get the results they want.

Comment backlinks

Backlinks that are included in the comments and you must have seen that many sites have left a comment under a post and it has turned into a link farm. It is not a good place to get backlinks and it will have a negative score for your site's SEO. .

Domains with a high spam rating

Domains with a high spam score are websites that are considered spam or low quality by search engines. Getting backlinks from these websites can harm website SEO and should be avoided. With tools like Ahrefs and Moz, it is possible to know the spam score of a website before getting backlinks.
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