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Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid firewall
A hybrid firewall consists of several firewalls, each of which has a set of special functions to maintain security in the network (امنیت در شبکه). For example, one firewall can be used to perform packet filtering, while the other firewall plays the role of a proxy. In this way, we can change the performance of our security system and take advantage of the different capabilities that different firewalls offer.
How the Hybrid firewall works, for example, you can set up two firewalls that work in harmony with each other, one of them is a proxy firewall and the other filters data packets. A firewall that acts as a proxy server processes web requests, while a packet filtering firewall ensures that all data entering and leaving the network security system is secure. In this way, two firewalls play the role of a hybrid system and protect the organization in two different ways.
Note that tools such as Web Application Firewall (فایروال برنامه تحت وب), WAF, UTM, and SIEM are important security tools that companies can take advantage of.
Another advantage of the hybrid firewall architecture is that we can add a new firewall to an old security system without removing or replacing the existing firewall. This application of a hybrid firewall allows us to add an additional layer of security without losing the benefits of the existing architecture. The ability to add a firewall infrastructure to an existing system can allow us to set up a distributed firewall with the help of which we create security rules that control access between two networks.

What are the advantages of a hybrid firewall?
There are also some general firewall benefits in hybrid firewalls, especially since we use multiple firewalls. If these firewalls are configured correctly, you won't lose any of the protections of a normal firewall architecture. The advantages of these firewalls are:
Flexibility in using one or more firewalls in the system: no need to find a firewall that does everything we want. We can choose a firewall that can do what the existing firewall doesn't, and then combine the two.
Fine-grained control over network protection: With a hybrid firewall, you can take advantage of specific features, analyze their impact on system security, and then limit a firewall to those protections. Then you can leave the rest of your protection system to another firewall. If particular types of threats pass through the firewall, it is easier to determine which firewall settings need to be changed.
Facilitating threat isolation: With two firewalls, one can be assigned to a specific type of threat and the other can be used to cover the rest of the threats. For example, a firewall can be thought of as a data mining firewall that is completely dedicated to threats that involve data theft. All warnings of this firewall will be related to data theft. This can help the IT team focus on the threats of real concern.

What are the disadvantages of a hybrid firewall?
A hybrid firewall may unnecessarily complicate your network without providing any tangible benefit. One of the main disadvantages of the hybrid firewall architecture is its security challenges. Threats can sneak in if one of your firewalls is not configured properly. In other words, hybrid firewall configuration can (and should) take twice as long. Some organizations have neither the time nor the people to handle multiple firewalls. A relatively simple configuration error can lead to a costly security breach.
Additionally, administrators should try not to over-rely on older firewalls, especially since they may not be able to stop some newer threats.

What should we consider to use a hybrid firewall?
Before committing to a hybrid firewall solution, consider the following considerations:
Can you do the things you want to do with a hybrid firewall with just one firewall? If the answer is yes, perhaps using an additional system does not have significant benefits for you.
How will a hybrid firewall affect your network performance? In some architectures, a hybrid firewall can limit the performance of a business-critical application, as the verification processes of dual firewalls may be time-consuming and consequently impact the end-user experience.
Note that the WAF service (Waf بومی) of this product, with its high ability to verify and analyze the traffic of the application layer by protecting servers and web software against multiple attacks and also preventing the publication of sensitive information, is one of the most critical security issues of an organization.

SOC service is also one of the popular services in network security, which helps companies to identify obstacles and security threats and prevent attacks and unauthorized access to the network with advanced security log analysis (تحلیل Log).

How can we get the most out of a hybrid firewall?
Can you invest in strategic redundancy with a hybrid firewall solution? If you suspect that a threat exists in a certain part of the network, placing another firewall on the other side of that part can help identify where the threat is coming from; Even if two firewalls have the same or exactly the same configuration. Threat detection (ابزار تشخیص تهدید) is a complete set of processes in detecting and evaluating threats, before or after the hazard. Threat detection tools analyze network, application, data and user behaviors to identify unusual activities that indicate a threat. A prerequisite for the threat hunting process is the automation of classic processes so that common threats can be identified. For example, if two locations send data to a web application through a central firewall, a hybrid system can be used, placing an additional firewall between the suspect network and the Cloud interface. This can be a powerful use of a hybrid firewall architecture.
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