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I bet all skateboarders when switching to electric skateboarding have to consider the price of an e-board before purchasing. In fact, the price is one of the most critical factors that affect the decision whether to add an electric skateboard to the shopping cart or not.

To quickly provide you with the typical price of a motorized skateboard, the cost is between $200 to $5000 or even more. In order to have an appropriate e-skate for riding, skateboarders are advised to buy products that cost at least $400.

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In my experience, not many riders choose an e-board that costs more than $2000 since those pricey products are often for professional skateboarders who desperately need a premium electric skateboard.

The built quality and the specialization of an electric skateboard are what determine the price of that product on the market. In case you want to get a more detailed post that analyzes this topic, let’s continue reading this article about the price of an electric skateboard.


I know a lot of skaters when picking up an electric skateboard are shocked by the price, especially when they are looking for a top-performing e-board. However, there are some reasons that can explain this ridiculously high price.

The first thing must come from the electrical components including the battery, motor, remote control, control unit, etc. Those parts take a lot of money to be manufactured; moreover, the price for the material is not low either.

Batteries used in electric skateboards are often lithium-ion batteries which can account for 25% of the total price. Besides the battery, the electrical motor, ESC, and other traditional components such as trucks, wheels, and the deck also need special production procedures to be compatible with an e-board.

Hence, it is reasonable why the price of an electric skateboard gets higher and higher when you need a better quality board. To have a closer look at the cost of each part of an e-skate, we shall begin with the next section.



How powerful your electric skateboard can depend critically on the power of the motor and its setup. Reputable electric skateboarding brands usually implement the dual-motor setup in their product in order to provide greater strength. Therefore, those dual motors have become the standard for most e-skates nowadays.

The motors usually cost from $100 to roughly $1000 depending on how much power and torque you are expecting. The quality of internal components such as the copper coil, and magnet, as well as the efficiency of the motor, is also determined by cost.


Another pricey part must be the battery which can cost riders up to $1200 for a decent battery pack. When buying electric skateboards, skateboarders always pay close attention to the size, quality, and capacity of the battery since how far the board can go and how much energy can be supplied to the motor is determined by this component.

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However, it is not suitable to add such a big battery pack with high capacity inside an electric skateboard since it will decrease the efficiency of the board due to the extra weight. Instead, manufacturers try to produce compact batteries with higher capacity in order to keep the power, torque, and efficiency of an e-skate unchanged.


Technically, we are buying a skateboard so we should also pay attention to the traditional components of a skateboard like the trucks and wheels. The total cost for those parts is from $100 to $400 depending on the manufacturing materials and design.

I don’t recommend skateboarders choose cheap skateboard trucks and wheels since those items take the most impact when riding. When you skate in rough conditions, those parts are even more prone to tear and abrasion. Hence, it will be better if you can afford a good set of trucks and wheels.


When referring to an electric skateboard, we can not ignore the deck. This component not only plays an important role in the performance of the board but also becomes a creative way for skateboarders to express their personalities.

Unlike traditional skateboard decks made of Canadian maple, customers will now have more choices for the materials such as maple, bamboo, fiberglass, kevlar, or carbon fiber. However, most products on the market have the deck made from multiple materials.

Regarding the price, a proper deck for electric skateboards costs from $100 to $500 which is about the price of trucks and wheels.

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If you want to purchase an electric skateboard at the cost price, please keep track of the sales and discounts of the local skate shops or electric skateboarding websites. No matter which product you choose, safety and quality must be the number one priority.
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