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Lesson of flirting

Lesson of flirting

The most important thing is to have fun at the same time and not be desperate to get great love. It's true that in these crazy times, when we spend most of our lives at work, it's harder to meet someone who is interesting. A dating site is a good place to find it. Take advantage of the fact that the Internet allows you to communicate more freely than in real life. Make contact easier and faster. Treat the web like a great testing ground for love, and if you get to know this one by the way, so much the better for you!

Choose a portal
There are many different websites that help people get to know each other and arrange dates - for singles, for Catholics, even for the plump; typically matrimonial and those in which people flirt without obligation. Choose the one you like the most and meet your expectations. Also remember that different people use them. Some are interesting and have sincere intentions, others ... not necessarily. Therefore, before you do anything, be well prepared. First of all, take care of your privacy!

Take care of safety. Don't use your real name. Make up a nickname that will mean something to you and use it. Also set up an e-mail account and an account in one of the messengers, in case you want to talk more privately with someone you meet on the Internet.

Create an interesting profile
When you create a profile, questions about the data are asked. It is worth giving the correct answers: height, age,

eye color, interests. In most websites, you also need to write a few words about yourself. Act like a real seducer and write something original, catchy that will attract attention. The sentence: "I'm looking for true love ..." is not enough. Guys like to be surprised!

There is no obligation to post photos on the profile, but they are welcome. First impressions count, right? When you browse the profiles of others, you also pay attention to them. Take a photo in advance or choose one of the holidays. It should display what you like the most: beautiful eyes, a radiant smile, a tempting cleavage ... Give yourself photos with children, with your favorite cat or a photo taken by accident against the tiles in the bathroom. It's a dating site! You should look gorgeous, intriguing, sexy.

Use your strengths
Are you shy? Nobody will see your blush or sweaty hands online! Do you have a few more pounds here and there? Who cares if the conversation is interesting. You can show your best side on the web. The appearance is relegated to the background. It is important what kind of person you are. Talk to people based on your strengths, not your weaknesses. You have sense of humor? Don't hesitate to use it! Are you a master of a sharp retort? Use it. That's how it works! However, do not colorize too much, because there is a chance that you will go out with someone and the truth will come out.

Have fun, test and check
You posted a nice photo, added the appropriate text and suddenly a lot of men start to be interested in you! They talk, talk to you, let you know in all possible ways that they would like to get to know you better. Be prepared to find that some of these lyrics are cool, some are silly, and some are embarrassing or rude. People are different. You set your standards for what messages you reply to and which you just ignore.

Take it easy on the web, take it as a great opportunity to test your knowledge of seduction. Have fun, experiment, be feminine, check how men react to you, harass them with impunity, stimulate their curiosity, admire - they love it! You can ask them a question about something specific, e.g. what they wrote about in their profile. Remember that what counts on the web is a word, a properly selected emoticon, or a language joke. These are your tools. Unfortunately, you do not have any other feminine means at your disposal: a flirtatious look, perfumes.

Have class. Both online and in real life, the rule is one: men are attracted to women who have to get for a long time. Be a seductress with class, do not put your coffee on the bench right away, even when you feel that your other half is on the other side. Flirting is a kind of game, enjoy it and you will feel attractive. Many men will pay you compliments.

When you like someone
There are many couples who have met through the dating site and are really very happy. However, before you decide to meet someone you meet in the chat, do a good research on them. Don't give your phone number right away, make an appointment for your first date somewhere in a public place, preferably for a coffee or to the cinema.

Keep your distance. In the virtual world everything looks different, it may turn out that in real life the spell will break and your "chosen one" will lose on closer acquaintance. That is why it is so important in the beginning not to promise yourself too much. You will avoid unnecessary disappointments.

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