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Should You Become An Entrepreneur?

Should You Become An Entrepreneur?

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a certain number of habits and necessary dispositions. Very often, you come up against the effective implementation of your project. How to go from dream to reality as an entrepreneur?

To speak of an entrepreneur is also to refer to entrepreneurship. This term is itself taken from the verb "to undertake". Taken from the Latin “ inter prehende” , the verb to undertake means to seize by the hand, in other words to undertake is to be master of the thing seized.

Thus, the entrepreneur is the person who takes hold of a thing, an idea, a project and becomes master of it. He has influence over his field, and shapes his idea as he pleases in order to make it into something productive.

In addition, the dictionary defines the term "to undertake" as the fact of beginning to carry out an action, generally long and complex .

For Alain Fayolle, author of the book Entrepreneurship: learning how to be entrepreneurial , the entrepreneurial situation refers to " the engagement of an individual in a business creation or activity project, the development of a new product or any other innovation. , acquisition of a business or an economic activity ”.

That is to say the meeting point between an enterprising individual and an opportunity for the creation of wealth.

Becoming an entrepreneur comes down to making a commitment to create a business, to set up a project, a dream, an activity. Therefore, this commitment implies the development of an original and distinctive product, the seizing of an opportunity in order to create wealth.

The advantages of being an entrepreneur

The entrepreneur is a different being. It gives value to what it captures and makes it productive. He is a creator of wealth. Becoming an entrepreneur gives you the latitude on your choices but also a different understanding of things. You will see things with more finesse and ingenuity. One of the advantages of becoming an entrepreneur is above all having a much better visibility than others.

Particular attention is paid to the entrepreneur as an individual in the conception of authors and laypersons (society in general). Indeed, he is a being with particular gifts endowed with a sixth sense. Whether this gift is innate or motivated by certain realities, let's say that being an entrepreneur stems from a certain intellectual, physical and / or psychological disposition.

A good entrepreneur is a leader. Becoming an entrepreneur and a leader go hand in hand. You will be required to implement an idea, manage an activity, motivate and guide other people. From now on, it is on you that the good running of a business will depend. This aspect is two-sided, but the fact remains that you will be at the head of your project. Hence the fact that you can brag about being a manager.

Entrepreneurship: Become your own boss

When you become an entrepreneur, you are financially free. Indeed, you will not have to wait for a salary at the end of the month, especially if you are self-employed. You will thus be able to enjoy the benefits of your activity in peace. Managing your business allows you to have control over your cash inflows and outflows.

In addition, you will no longer have a hierarchy to which you should account for your actions. Becoming an entrepreneur also means being able to dispose of your time and organize it according to your objectives and activity. If you pay attention to some of the major business experts, you see that they all lead very vast types of lifestyles.

Be independent

An entrepreneur is distinguished by his values, in particular his sense of responsibility, his initiative, his creativity and his autonomy. These characteristics give it the advantage of being able to negotiate its contracts, it's partnerships and make its project profitable. You will not only be free, you will also be independent and autonomous in your decisions.

Becoming an entrepreneur: the challenges of entrepreneurship

In the life of an entrepreneur, everything is not all rosy. According to Motivation Ping, you will have advantages, but also challenges and constraints. Getting started is not always easy. You may encounter constraints in the market. You are new, therefore unknown to the general public. Which means you should find your place among entrepreneurs who already have great renown. This can be restrictive and stressful, when you want to have a significant market share and make your business profitable.

Then comes the time constraint. You will have goals to achieve in a specific niche, and the weather could often be at your expense.
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