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Media Ecosystem Judged Unfair and Initiate Journalistic Copyright Regulations

Media Ecosystem Judged Unfair and Initiate Journalistic Copyright Regulations

The Press Council encouraged the government to initiate regulations on journalistic copyright (publisher rights) and cooperated with the law office in this issue. This is because at this time many media have collapsed due to the unfair and monopolistic media ecosystem. Currently, countries in Europe, Australia and the United States have implemented these regulations. 

According to member of the Press Council Agus Sudibyo, the regulation regulates or reduces excessive monopoly on digital platforms, such as search engines. "Many media have collapsed because the current media ecosystem is unfair, non-transparent, and monopolistic, so it needs state intervention in the form of regulations on copyright on journalism," Agus said at the 2021 National Mass Media Convention for National Press Day (HPN), Monday ( 8/2/2021).

Agus said, Indonesia must study the regulations that have been implemented in other countries. In order to create a fair ecosystem, said Agus, the presence of the state is needed to make regulations that are transparent and fair. In addition, creating solidity between media owners or media associations in building negotiations with digital platforms. 

Agus said, publisher rights regulations in various countries were born in overcoming problems between publishers and digital platforms. Among other things, the issue of monetization and news aggregation without adequate compensation, waiver of journalistic copyright, the closure of the digital platform algorithm system, user data monopoly, content distribution monopoly, and digital advertising monopoly.

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