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°Clover Ragnarok°😎

🍀Ragnarok Clover Online🍀

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Done ya kk.. Silakan di claim
IGN : Casey Clairine
IGN : Hermes
IGN: Grandma's Falconry



done ya guys...ilakah di claim dan selamat bermain di server clover ragnarok ^^
IGN : Astadipura
IGN : Don`Smyrnov
IGN : Zelnite

event dead branch

event dead branch 27-08-19°Clover Ragnarok°😎°Clover Ragnarok°😎
IGN: Kick Andy

Nostalgia masa-masa SMA dulu emoticon-Big Grin
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waaahh informatif gan threadnya! Mantapp cus ditunggu post thread lainnya yaaa
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Update New Event Untuk Bulan September Nih Gan😎

Event LP Clover Ragnarok 31-08-2019

°Clover Ragnarok°😎°Clover Ragnarok°😎°Clover Ragnarok°😎
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IGN ShutUpNDie min. masih newbie
gue dah maen nih min

IGN : Rickwyr

hadiahnya dong om GM

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Diubah oleh shelate69
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Dear Clovers,

       On September 05,from 00:00am to September 09, 10: 00am a new patch update maintenance will be conducted on the "Clover Ragnarok " server. During the maintenance period the clovers cannot log into the game. After maintenance, some gift will be sent as compensation. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Content updates as follows:
1. Server Capacity Optimization
2. Npc poring cache and cluckers
3. Fix drop rates server
4. Update website & patcher
5. Etc.


Welcome Guild DEAD CLOCK, Guild from Indonesia!

The first Guild that migration to our Clover Ragnarok Server😎

We hope all of you're happy and comfortable playing on our server 😍

Happy Clover Ragnarok ^^
#ragnarokonline, #guildragnarok, #privateserver, #cloverragnarok°Clover Ragnarok°😎

event clucker & disguise 09-09-2019

°Clover Ragnarok°😎°Clover Ragnarok°😎°Clover Ragnarok°😎°Clover Ragnarok°😎°Clover Ragnarok°😎

Event refine challenge

Event refine challenge
Time : 13-09-2019 10pm (GMT +7)
Palace : Maintown (harboro)
Winner : Jeck (cp50k) Cuora(cp75k)
Participation : 10k cp°Clover Ragnarok°😎°Clover Ragnarok°😎°Clover Ragnarok°😎°Clover Ragnarok°😎°Clover Ragnarok°😎

Event Prime Woe Clover Ragnarok

Clover Ragnarok Prime War Of Emperium

Total Prize: Rp. 2.500.000,-( Rp. 2,000,000 + 500,000 cash point)
Winner take all!!

Event Date: Early November (Specific date will announce at 28 October )

1. Must have at least 3 guilds participate (minimal 15 members & no dual)
2. Guild must have emblem
3. GM have the right to disqulified one of the guild or cancel the event
4. If there is not enough participant, the prize event will move to another date.°Clover Ragnarok°😎
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