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agree with you brother, better directly to have conversation with native English Speaker.

why u use 2 name words?

im looking for beautiful woman with 3 name lettersemoticon-Cool

thats only a name...and it taken from my childhood name
hi guys ! i'm beepbeepboo from Sawangan,

i'm still student, i hope i'll find new friends and make brotherhood in this site !

and please correct my english if i did it wrong, Dank ! ^^

New Here!

Hi guys

you can call me JP, right now i live in Depok (i rent a room in Kukusan). Im a college student at Universitas Indonesia.

i really want to practice my english since everything looks like it needs some english skill (high paying job really need good english skill nowadays). so i really want to practice, like the way i interract with people, the way i use some gestures, or just having a good conversation with stranger. ive been learning english for like 9 years (in school) but i feel like there's no any major improvement in my english skill, especially when it comes to having a conversation.

do you guys have a community, or gathering or even an event where you guys gather around, drink some coffees and have a little chit chat in english? because i really want to join. its nice to hang around with people who maybe can help me (maybe we can help each other, idk tho) with my english.

thank you emoticon-Smilie

ps: im sorry 'bout the grammar emoticon-Smilie
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hello guys... newbie here from Rawa Geni... wish to join this thread...

Full name : Prima Hastama
FB : you can search my account by typing my full name in the keywords
Twitter : @onegna

Would be nice to have a little talk with u guys... any plan to meet up?

Dear TS, please put my name in the member list... emoticon-Smilie

jezzzz...its been ages I'm not even pop up to say hi emoticon-Big Grin
all good Om Ulit, been busy with my son and new job.
ehm...I'm thinking around July 2017, but will let you know. In case we want to catch up for a cuppa


Hi Hero,
apologize about the late replied hahaha. it took almost a year lol
well, New Zealand is a nice country for sure, people always admire the scenery. but other than that, its quite country. we have no mall or plaza that open more than 5pm except on Thursday plaza will open until 9pm. we don't have 24 hours delivery for kfc or mcd. well they not doing delivery though. what a shame. population all NZ only 4,5 billions people (4.5 jt orang), instead the sheep, cow or horse that up to 40 billions.

I lived here, since I've got married 2011. as my husband is a kiwi (NZ citizen), I'm home stay mum with one son.


the best thing to improve your English, just keep practice. don't scare about your grammar. the basic thing of communication is understanding the conversation. grammar, structure will follow you in the end. I found practicing with native speaker much easier instead with Indonesian friend. Native speaker won't judge, they understand that English is your not mother language, they will help you to build the confident. Instead of Indonesian friends, they will laugh and cut you straight away. and the moment they did that to you, it will feel you shame. its suck. I know the feeling. and there was many times I wanna punch them.

Don't give up...emoticon-Kiss

thanks 4 d greeting too uncle TS btw wut 039 s d abbreviation 4 diz thread
Hello all,
long time no see, just want to say hello to all people gathering here.
How are you? Last time I went to Depok, seems many changes and looks different.
Heavy rain come and go recently, hope everyone keep healthy, amen!


cieeeeeeellllll...miss you so much....where are you now dear?? whatsapp me if you are at Depok...

Yes, it's been a while,miss you all so much, I wish I have Saturday off, so I can manage my time freely to do something else except work emoticon-Frown

How's life in Depok everybody?


yeah, I think we should get meet each other, like the old times...but we are have family right now, we have to manage our time


hi there... miss you a lot... emoticon-Betty (S)

morning DKECers... emoticon-Big Grin/
it's been a long time since my last visit to this thread... emoticon-Embarrassment
is it ok if I post one or two just to increase my posting...??? emoticon-Embarrassment

you can posts as many as you want bro emoticon-Big Grin
morning everyone.

let me introduce my self:

Full Name : budiman
Kaskus ID : circ
Email :
Picture is below:

Depok Kaskus English Community - DKEC

have a nice weekend
sure, I wish there will be a good time for silahturahim, aminn mas Ulit ^__^

Hello mr. Mercky! long time no see, absolutely feel free to visit, just like old day emoticon-Big Grin

I'm on office right now, feel little bit sleepy, just like usual on this hour #badexample haha...emoticon-Ngakak

Greetings everyone, lets learn and practice English,

Full Name : Rezky
Kaskus ID : jongjot
Email :
Pic :
Depok Kaskus English Community - DKEC
*Me eating sop kambing


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