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Save your free time with these shooting games!

Let’s see how projectiles, bullets, and lasers shoot their way in these iconic Shooting Games. Aim well and hit the target to win the day. Enjoy the chance of shooting at Ninjas, tanks, spaceships or zombies. Save your life right now, knock all of the ugly creatures down before they reach you.

1. Sierra 7

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Welcome to the incredible gaming experience!

Join and serve in a worldwide war among militia companies in this first-person shooter. The war’s objective is for carnage and government-targeted violence. You belong to the 7th member in the Unit "Sierra" with the task of neutralizing the militia forces. Utilize your superior tactics & skills. Enjoy this game to the maximum!

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2. Storm The House 3

This excellent shooter game is developed by Ivory as the upgraded sequel to the classic Storm the House 2 game. This time, you will have to knock a mass of enemies down before they can destroy your base. The players must defend their base from the left corner of the map. Each wave of enemies will come as a daily course. After the damage happens, you will need to repair the base, houses, upgrade the destroyed walls, upgrade gunmen, and many more. Challenge yourself with four levels of difficulty including "Easy," "Normal," "Hard," and "Why God!?" no matter what your choice of game mode is.

Left-clicking is the way the players shoot the target. To reload the selected weapon, press the spacebar. To switch through different weapons, use the mouse-wheel or press the Z key button. Simply press the P key button to pause your gameplay.

3. Dead Zed 2

Let’s dive into the perfect world of this epic zombie apocalypse survival game. The second installment of Dead Zed will quickly get you into it. Players should apply their best combat and cunning skills to wage combat against dangerous zombies. Try to survive in this unforgiving world day by day. Utilize your powerful weapons to eliminate all flesh-seeking zombies. Once the hordes of zombies are killed, the rage bar will gradually build. With the full bar, rage mode will allow you to turn all your shots into one-hit killers.

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Aim and shoot correctly!

Explore this strange world, gather much-needed resources, and purchase modern upgrades with your currency. Also, try to gather all other survivors together and invite them to join your squad to protect your living areas, look for resources and new weapons. Your fellow survivors can, by chance, get attacked by ugly zombies. Therefore, go help them and save them from death.

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4. Lonewolf

This intense shooting game is built with severe moral conflicts. Only in minutes, the story will happen suddenly without your attention to it. Start the gameplay with just the sounds of your movement and your weapon. Then, feel the wind direction, measure the distance, and guess your enemy’s movements. Finally, turn your gunfire on and make the very first kill. Defeat the target in silence. Can you handle all of them? Let’s discover the secret!

You are invited to join this crazy sniper adventure game as the story of the main character - a mysterious assassin. Attend the 'The Assembly'- a criminal organization and do all the tasks assigned. Uncover the secrets of this man and the story which revolves around him. The thrilling story and mesmerizing atmosphere will get you glued to your device day by day. Working for 'The Assembly', take the chance to use various weapons such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, bombs, and pistols. Get your bare hands into the fight too.

20+ kinds of weapons are waiting for you to collect, unlock, and upgrade! Enjoy 5+ story modes, fulfill 30 missions with the most realistic sound and recoil of the weapons. Enter a dozen interesting mini-games to achieve over 40 achievements.

5. Strike Force Heroes 3

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Set up your fighter with the best weapons!

The award-winning Strike Force Heroes series come back with the exciting installment. Feel the most serious and biggest war than ever before in this Strike Force Heroes 3 game. With this masterpiece, the iconic series is brought to a whole new level with faster and more upgraded gameplay. Make your choice of game modes to complete all the missions to the maximum. Build up and customize your own squad. Challenge your friend to prove your superior skills. More guns, classes, maps, and missions to explore. Don’t miss the excellent Strike Force Heroes series.

6. Dinogen Arena

This intense top-down shooting game features different game modes including Deathmatch, Raptor Hunt, Capture the Flag, and more to go! This game may be one of the most amazing online games for couples you should check out now. Hit your shots at bad guys and dinosaurs to get better rankings. Keep progressing to master a dozen of the strongest weapons. Enjoy the carnage! Based on the original game, Dinogen, this updated version will keep you engaged for hours The tutorial will help players learn to play at ease. It is also highly recommended for new players!

Progressing through all ranks included in Ranked mode will help you unlock new equipment, weapons, and perks. You can play as a historical dinosaur and join the dinosaur team. To level up, defeat your enemies, finish all objectives, and complete all the target objectives. Want to enjoy endless carnage? Don’t forget Survival mode! Try to survive against the endless hordes of increasingly potent dinosaurs. Good luck!

7. Night At The Laboratorium

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You may love the cute cartoon interface of the game.

Greg was getting overwhelmed with being a tour guide. Therefore, he brought all his luck to become a security guard. At this unknown facility, he was welcome with unbelievable treats and unlimited salary. However, danger awaits! He was unaware of the incoming risks. Help Greg do the job safely and fulfill all his missions in this game.
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