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Online Bus Travelling Experience in India

Online Bus Travelling Experience in India

More than 29 states and 22 languages in India, its really to hard to plan your bus travelling across the country if you are newbie here. Every state ruled by state goverment and all state government's comes under central government. 
All state government authority have their own bus transport corporation to travel intercity outter city and state to state transport etc. But the thing is not all these are well systemized that means if you are newbie you cant find the proper information about the government buses and timigs in internet properly.
              Thats the reason Private travel agents are playing important role in india for Bus ticket booking online. There were many private travel agents like redbus,abhibus,myticketbuddy and travelyaari etc.
 to tell my personal experience myticketbuddy is a one of the most trustable bus travel agents in india.
more than 50000+ routes and over 2500+ bus operators, myticketbuddy playing major role in Indian roads.

With Thier neat website portal and android app, you can easily book bus tickets online in a matter of minutes.

To check out more about myticketbuddy Myticketbuddy
Download Mtb Android App.

Online Bus Travelling Experience in India
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