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80% of Indonesian: we will be the next superpower, Indo will be world superpower

80% of Indonesian: we will be the next superpower, Indo will be world superpower

According to a recent poll conducted by Soegeng Sarjadi Syndicate, who specialize in surveys about Indonesian political moods - an overwhelming majority - some 80.7 percent of the country, believe that Indonesia can become the next “global superpower”. Such view is reinforced by former president BJ Habibie, who says he hopes that by 2045, 100 years after its independence from the Netherlands, Indonesia will be a world superpower.

80% of Indonesian: we will be the next superpower, Indo will be world superpower

Former Indonesian president BJ Habibie believes the country will be a superpower by 2045

“This phenomenon indicates strong optimism among the public. They believe that Indonesia will rise up as a victor in global competitions,” survey coordinator Muhammad Dahlan said while presenting the results of the survey in Jakarta. The survey was conducted across the country’s 33 provinces.

Dahlan said 32 percent of the respondents thought sufficient supplies of food, clothing and shelter were indicators of a superpower state, while 21 percent believed a superpower revolved around accessible education and health care services. 17 percent of the respondents said job availability was a requirement, while 11 percent said the economy should be robust. 

Seven percent of respondents said advanced science and technology and a strong military were essential for a nation to grab the superpower title. “Other indicators are modern industry and active involvement in global peacekeeping missions,” Dahlan said. He added most of the respondents believe that the Indonesian superpower status can be achieved through strong leadership.

80.7% of Indonesians believe country will be the next global superpower

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country, after China, India and the United States. The country has literally risen from the ashes of 1997-98 Asian financial crisis to become one of Asia’s fastest growing economies at the moment. Militarily, Indonesia has the second highest military expenditure in ASEAN after Singapore.

Home to 240 million people, Indonesia was among the few nations in the world who emerged relatively unscathed from the global economic recession 2008-2009, and has since been clocking a GDP growth rate of above 6 percent a year. With the Indian economy slowing down, there were even suggestions that Indonesia should take its place in the BRIC club. 

The country’s president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has unveiled an ambitious blueprint to accelerate economic growth and development, in an attempt to push Indonesia from its current ranking as the 16th largest economy in the world to within the top 10 by 2025. There are also plans to further increase its defense expenditure to match or surpass that of Singapore by 2015.

Indonesian confidence soared to new high as economy booms

At the moment, Indonesia’s military is one of the weakest in the region, spreading out in a large geographical areas (the nation comprises of more than 17,000 islands), and it will take a while plus massive military spending to modernize and upgrade its weaponry into what it calls the minimum essential force. The Indonesian armed forces currently employ 476,000 personnel, the second highest in Southeast Asia after Myanmar (492,000)

The desire among Indonesians for their country to be a world power dated back to its modern and past histories. Indonesia hosted the historic Asia-Africa conference in 1955 that gave inspiration to many nations in both continents to fight for their freedom. A few years later, it joined India and Yugoslavia to found the Non-Aligned Movement to offer nations an alternative to membership in the emerging Eastern and Western power blocs. 

80% of Indonesian: we will be the next superpower, Indo will be world superpower

Indonesian nationalists called for the absorption of Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore to realize the concept of 'Greater Indonesia' or 'Indonesia Raya'

Newly independent and poor at that time, Indonesia was in no way to build a post-World War II international order. Now endowed with a much stronger (and growing) economy, coupled with a much greater confidence, Indonesia is looking to play its part once again in the construction of a new world order, a reflection of growing nationalist sentiment in a country that dreamt about the return to its past Srivijayan and Majapahit glories, an era when the Indonesian archipelago was indeed one of the world’s great powers.


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Majority Believes Indonesia Can Be Next Superpower: Survey

Get ready, world, here comes Indonesia


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menurut anda? 
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Ngarepnya sih gitu.....
sekarang aja cuman bisa bahas vaksin halal ato haram mo jadi super power
emoticon-Cape d...
selama agama no 1 n bukan iptek kaga bakal deh bisa ngejar negara2 maju
Indonesia tidak akan bisa kalau kondisi begini terus emoticon-Hammer2
kalau masih overdosis kecanduan agama ....mana bisa majulah
Lucunya dulu zaman sby kalau gak salah
Katanya 2020 indonesia masuk 10 besar perekonomian terbesar di dunia
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Gak bakal dah
100 thn lagi juga susah
Selama produk risetnya cuma seputar larangan duduk semeja dan semacamnya ya susah.
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Diralat 2030 perasaan.. eh thn malah diramalkan indonesia bubar emoticon-Ngakak (S)
Diubah oleh ruuuruuu
Superpower dlm hal kegoblokan

Sekarang kalau dihitung dengan PPP, ekonomi Indo udah masuk 10 besar.
Semua juga maunya getoh...
Superpower double agents.
emoticon-Wow emoticon-Wow
kalau masih sibuk ribut sara ....jangan harap bisa maju lah
Tamak banget mimpinya, biasanya bermimpi jadi penguasa dunia akhirat, sekarang bermimpi jadi penguasa dunia real emoticon-Big Grin
Pesimis sah sah aja..
Tapi, minimal dengan mimpi menjadi super power, akan ada tindakan ke arah sana.
Seperti misalnya cita-cita poros maritim dunia, atau world class navy, walau agak muluk tetapi minimal akan ada tindakan dan kerja keras ke arah yang dituju. Sayang si, kita sebagai bangsa memang kurang punya slogan untuk maju. Gak punya pattern sukses sebagai bangsa. Liat aja komen komen disini,
Banyak looser. Kita Gak kayak Jepang misalnya.. Punya bushido..
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justru menjauh dari superpower

wong skrg fokus mayoritas indon bukan di membangun negara,tapi hijrah,halal haram,nerapin perda syariah,ngurusin cara berpakaian

yg gitu bikin negara jadi superpower?
Coba tanya sama bimbim slank

mungkin atau Gak mungkin??!

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Coba cek dl ud punya modal apa.buat jd super power.

Pendidikan ud level dunia blm?ud merata blm?
Listrik ud merata sampe pelosok belom?
Industri ud lengkap belom dr hulu sampai hilir?
Ud punya superkomputer blm?

Kalo cm punya modal bonus demografi bakalan jd super power.

Ga usah jd super power , bs lepas dr middle income trap aj ud termasuk hebat dgn kondisi sekarang.
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