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Midgard Ragnarok Online - Low-Rate Full Renewal

Midgard Ragnarok Online - Low-Rate Full Renewal

Midgard Ragnarok Online - Low-Rate Full Renewal
Currently in Closed Open Testing Phase.
Everyone is welcome to join to test the server!

Midgard Ragnarok is a low-rate renewal server (5x-5x-3x to 10x-10x-3x) which is set to Episode 16.1 (Banquet of Heroes). By renewal we mean full renewal system like EXP Level Difference Calculation, DROP Penalty, kRO ASPD Calculation, Renewal Cast & Stats. Also with renewal means we have Third Job/Class fully functional & implemented, Kagerou/Oboro with Rebellion Awakening Patch and Summoner - The Doram Race.

We are Quest-Oriented means no job changer or platinum skill npc server and utilizes Kafra Services for Warping & Storage.

Equipped with 2018 Ragnarok Client, Midgard Ragnarok thrives to bring you the latest features such as:

  • New Character Creation/Selection Interface - A fancy version of creating and selecting your character.
  • Private Airship (Navigation) - An alternative solution for warping. It acts like warp/go command with restriction.
  • Attendance System - a new features that rewards character daily with goodies that can help them with their midgard adventure.
  • Equipment Replacement System - A user-interface that can be binded to a shortcut for easy swapping of equipment including Accessories!
  • Refine UI - A fancy version of upgrading equipment with graphics!
  • Many more

Our focus is to provide/give the true ragnarok experience to those who wants to start anew with ragnarok with just minor modifcations such as:

  • Floating Rates - 5x-5x-3x for Weekdays while 10x-10x-3x for Weekends
  • Blacksmith Blessing - an item that can be used while refining to avoid breaking your item!
  • Global Drop System - all monster drops a specific item which is Actinidia Cat Fruit & Trading Card (A form of new currency).
  • Trading Card Exchanger - from global drops to exchangeable items that can help you gear up.
  • Silvervine System - from iRO's Silvervine with little modification to fit on the server.
  • Costume Exchanger - putting fashion to your character by converting headgear to costume only losing the effect of the headgear and can be reverted back.
  • Fashion Stylist - changes your appearance such as hairstyle of 29 types, 126 hair color, 699 cloth color and alternative costume (jRO Outfits for 3rd Class) for Actinidia Cat Fruit!
  • Automated Events - Dice, Poring Race, Disguise and Keyboard Warrior to have some fun

Again, we don't offer commands such as autoloot, warp/go, storage since there are alternatives for it which are Private Airship for @warp, Kafra Card for @storage, Greed Clip for @autoloot. We want to stay close to default style in terms of gameplay mechanics like walking, chatting and many more!

  • 2 Blessing & Increase Agility Scroll Box
  • 5 Recruit Siege Boxes
  • 1 Field Manual Box (5 pcs)
  • 1 Bubble Gum Box (5 pcs)
  • 5 Kafra Card
  • 5 Token of Siegfred

Reward Code: KASKUS-200-RWRD
Limitation: This code is limited to 200 claims only. First come first serve.

How to claim the code? Visit Marshall NPC in-game located at Center Prontera 160, 170.

Join us and be part of our community!
Links: Account Panel | Registration | Downloads | Forum | Facebook
Diubah oleh iamgnome
Halaman 1 dari 2
Link downloadnya kagak bisa min, lalu disini boleh RMT or not?

Download link: Google Drive Full Client | MediaFire Full Client

RMT not yet allowed since its CBT. But will be allowed during grand opening or official release.
very low rate ne
bakalan berat jg

pk sistem?
wah bisa ngerjain org di tempat farm
ijin maen yah GM
ada reward kah buat kaskuser ?
udah registrasi ga ada email konfirmasi gimana nih
delete aja deh

Very low rate at 5x-10x (floating) Weekends is at 10x while Weekdays are 5x

PK yes at level 100+


No rewards as of now its in CBT.

Resend Email Confirmation or check Junk/Spam Folder
Keliatan niat buat servernya. Ijin sedot. Ada reward kaskus ngga nih?

There will be reward for kaskus players emoticon-Smilie

It was great 👍. I have several questions:
1. After CBT periode my cash will be revert back to zero or not?
2. Where is the server? Singapore?
3. Where is the main town?
4. MVP and Mini Boss Card totally disable or not?
5. Is drop normal card 0.03%?

My suggestions:
1. You need to improve your marketing strategic especially if you want attract more Indonesia people playing to this server. Posting in this thread every single day like another people before.
2. I think this thread can be slightly better if you can edit on the description for more detail. Maybe like this private server ( no promotion ) for perfect reference. This server is totally closed, i played it long time ago.

That was my two cents, sory for my bad english. Indonesian is my native emoticon-Malu (S)

IGN: Arie emoticon-Peace
Diubah oleh

1. Cash Points will be reverted back to zero.
2. Server is located in US West
3. Prontera is the main town
4. Not disabled
5. Normal drop is 3x of the rates

1. Will do daily to update
2. Will try. I'm still familiarizing with bb-code and how the editing of stuffs here.

Thanks for the suggestions and feedback!
Try our server! It can be fun! The Private Airship is a good alternative for warping! emoticon-Big Grin

wah mesti lvl 100++ bru bisa kerjain org

masi cbt bru tau
dah ke download lom ke install aja

Level 100+ CBT event is different from pre-registration or CBT players only. emoticon-Smilie

Download now and play! Hehe!
We're almost done with CBT almost all classes are being tested right now! emoticon-Smilie
Join us now! emoticon-Smilie
Udah OBT gan?

Not yet. Almost there. In a week or 2! OBT emoticon-Smilie
We have our discord group now! I'm looking for indonesian community moderator emoticon-Smilie
Let's join guys! emoticon-Smilie
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