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Long time I'm not posting in here emoticon-Big Grin
My first post in this thread. Hi.. everyone..hehe
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Oh wow, this thread survived for more than a year and made to 2016.
I believe this is my first post in this thread since I had a long hiatus from kaskusing.
I wandered through many English threads in every Indonesia's Regional.
Do you have any idea where is the TS of this thread?
This thread bares a potential for improving and honing our English skill, specifically in written expression.
I hope you have a nice Monday, Everyone ^w^.
I will sundul this thread, emoticon-Sundul Up
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I have been searching this forum by the end of this week.
Then, i'm so happy, finally found you all here my bro from Banyumas Ngapak

Ngomong opo jaal...

Visiting Banyumas next month

Hello everybody,

My name is Peter. I don't speak any Bahasa Indonesia unfortunately, but hopefully I can talk to some of you in English. I will come to Banyumas at the end of July. I was there last November too. I am writing a book about a greataunt who lived on Java between 1924 and 1927. She was Dutch (like me) and visited friends in Banyumas village. My greataunt could see spirits and did some experiments in this house. When I was in Banyumas in November a taxidriver helped me with translations and in the end I think I found the house. Some neighbours told stories about spirits that are still seen there.
Next month I come to Java again and would also like to go to Banyumas village again, but spend some more time there and talk to more people. Is there anyone here who would be willing to help me translating?

Hope to hear from you and thank you for reading this.

Best regards.


what village?
its cool if you can share your pic on november trip..
anyway.. congratulation with your book

Hi, thanks for your reply. I was in the village about 15 km south of Purwokerto. That village is called banyumas, right? The taxi took me over Road 9 and over the old bridge and then we were there. I will try to post a photo of the house later today. Thanks!

yeah thats right, but maybe you could explain more detail about the village, because banyumas also have a large area and there is many "grumbul" (small village).. your pic maybe can help us to identify more accurate about the place.. good job

Hi, I tried to upload a picture, but it seems to be impossible to do that from my computer. I also know where the house is, so I don't need help with identifying it. I would love to go back there and meet someone who speaks English, knows the area and would like to help me talk to the local people. Anyone?

you can contact me first for make sure that you will get the translator in here, then i contact my friend that will guide you there also to translate the communicate with local people, he not able write the comment here because he dont have the account id

when will you come ?
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Peter, please you should make sure the historical place of your grand aunty. some of classic area I think I know and have discovered it.
And about the spirit of the old soul, I think we can trace it back through the historical place and name. The old city I think is Banyumas, and the area is currently not far from hospital or the High-School.
@ djawas

Thank you so much! I will take a train from Jogja to Purwokerto on July 27th and from there to Banyumas by taxi probably. I will send you a PM now with my phonenumber so we can talk via Whatsapp if you like.

@ Tenji_no_Ichi

Hi! Thank you as well. You are right, I just zoomed in on the map of Banyumas village and I'm almoost sure that the house is near the RSUD Hospital. I remember driving south, almost to the edge of village.

I'll send you a PM as well.

ok, you're welcome.. i have send ny phone number too
what next,..where's the dutch:nyantai
Hi, I'm here. Investigation is on its way, with the help of some very nice people I met here. Have a nice evening, Indonesia and Banyumas! See you soon!

hi Dutchman emoticon-shakehand
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