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"Try" to Fun with English

"Try" to Fun with English

i'm so sorry if this threat maybe just like my diary.
if this threat disapprove, moderator can close n delet this threat.

Why i make this threat,
1. i want to tell my story, because if i make b-log in sf story fromm the heart, i afraid someone who know me from my story
2. Absolotely i want my englist better than before.

everyone can correct my sentences, and i will thankful

less than 10 minutes ago, my tears fall down. why? because someone, someone who will be my husband in the next year. He's really love me, so he want marry with me.
he's mualaf, in his religion before he's a person who hard to accept preception from all of religion in particular, if it can't accept with logic.
he's too open minded, to smart i think, so he always ask everything and debate it if his logic ca'tn accept until he can get the answer which can he agree with.

he being a mualaf didn't reduce my despondent. he debate everything about hadist, alquran, i try to understand it's not simple for him, it's just beginning, but he said, he will be a muslim in his way,.. he believe in God, but i dont think He's Allah, God in universal, not Islam.

"sholat jum'a"t, "sholat 5 waktu" just formality without meaning, if he want something, he propose to God, but not Allah SWT.

as a woman, i must thankful about what had did to me.
as a muslim woman, i hope it's just beginning, i have tried to tell him about it, but read his answer is too hurt for me.
thank you for sharing your story
Your fiancee should be praised for being a Muslim, so you don't have to worry about the marriage.

You got hurt because his answers are not as you expected.

Don't judge him for being honest, it's not your part.
I suggest let him be whatever he wants, appreciate his interest and you should not tell him how to pray.

hope he will be better than that emoticon-Turut Berduka
Aw don't be sad, he's trying you know.
You can't expect too much at the beginning, especially he's new to your religion.
He'll learn, don't worry and only time could tellemoticon-Smilie
keep doing this and you will find a true way (shiratal mustaqim)


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