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[GAME] If you see your ex..

[GAME] If you see your ex..

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i'll say "hai girl,what's your name?"
yeah just it.
First, i wanna say "hi" and propose her hehehe
Girlfriend? Well I never have had any girlfriend. I am not interest to have girlfriend since my preference is to have boyfriend emoticon-Ngakak (S)
i dont have any ex yet emoticon-Frown
maybe.. i will tell her... that i have a kids now... that i still remeber her scent... her softness... bouncy....... emoticon-Bingung (S)

Jones detected emoticon-Betty

I will kiss her lips In front of her husband emoticon-Wakaka
just say hi and go after that emoticon-Cool
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I never ever had an ex, so I don't know
I'll smile to her, because I'm glas she's doing fine.. emoticon-Smilie
ask him to be my gfemoticon-Big Grin
cuz i dont even have gf morever ex gfemoticon-Hammer (S)
Trying to look confident even she's with her new boyfriend (dat bishhh emoticon-Mad)

But, never say anything even just 'hi'

I hate my ex

I'll see what i could do 😂
well, i will apologize for everything i did to her and just to be clear i will not ask her back. after she accept my apologize, we will walk our way apart again
i'll tell her that now i'm a gay emoticon-Wow emoticon-Wkwkwk
i'll lick her pussy emoticon-Genit
i'm gonna say, "masih enak jamanku to?" and grinning ear to ear and leave them

Gay??!!?? emoticon-Matabelo
What The Hell is goin' on with you Pal?
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tell her,goodbye and see u on the other side
i'll slap on her ass
dunno what im gonna do to her,punch her face is ok,right?emoticon-Big Grin lol just kiddin
Halaman 6 dari 6

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