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What are you currently listening to?

Music you're currently listening to?

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obstacle - syd matters emoticon-Kaskus Radio
Everything's Not Lost - Coldplay
BrunuhVille - Our Farewell emoticon-rose
Diubah oleh mellownly
Photograph - Ed Sheeran
Ode to my family - The Cranberries
RJA - face down
Sonata Arctica - Tallulah emoticon-Kaskus Radio
Diubah oleh 081211
Tender by Blur

"love the greatest things that we have. I'm waiting for that feeling."
Alan Walker - Alone
Foo Fighters - The Pretender
Toothgrinder - Diamonds For Gold
Spoiler for :
Lady Gaga - The Cure

Departure to the front lines - VA
Diubah oleh tantrumjas
2 Chainz - it's a vibe
Until the time is through - Five emoticon-Kaskus Radio
Sex With Sun Ra (Part One - Saturnalia) - Coil
Gloomy SUnday - Billie Holiday
Boulevard - Dan Byrd emoticon-Big Grin
A Shoulder To Cry On - Tommy Page emoticon-Malu
Halaman 10 dari 14

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