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Leatherman Squirt S4 P4 nd

Leatherman squirt P4 dan S4 2nd
Tool komplit fungsi normal
Spek di google saja
Harga @ Rp 225.000,- (belum termasuk ongkos kirim dari malang
Minat WA/SMS 087859743265
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Diubah oleh zaki2002
Esee Izula 2 with Kit


Spyderco Dragonfly
Bilah VG-10, made by SEKI City - Japan
Ukuran detil monggo di googling
Bonus beeds dan paracord
Rp. 1.020.000,- Nego halus banget
Spoiler for spyderco:

Spoiler for spyderco:

Spoiler for spyderco:
Diubah oleh dahonfreak
Material assab xw42 setara d2 aisi
1 Rp.250.000
2 - 5 @Rp.290.000
W.a 0813 8633 9835
Spoiler for 42:


Dijual :
Harga Rp 11.400.000,- (free ongkir sumatera-jawa-bali)
Minat? Silahkan PM atau WA ke 081933377015
Rekber? Via bukalapak/tokopedia only (bisa cicilan 0% loh via sono)

Vierbahniger torsion damask, consisting of a nickel-containing and manganese tool steel is forged in a complex and complicated process to a blade of perfect symmetry and beauty. Each train consists of a Damastpaket, the first for differential by hand and then fifteen times twisted (twisted in itself) is. Four of these Damaststbe are then forge welded and forged into the final blade shape. The structure thus achieved not only guarantees the legendary strength of Damascus, but also produces the distinctive pattern of Torsionsdamastes. Blades of Torsionsdamast were in the Middle Ages as the pinnacle of blacksmithing, which could only be afforded by the high nobility. In medieval graves were daggers with multi-web Torsionsdamast found that were given to the ruler to the grave. This complex forging process, the few can master damascus Miede is completed by Andreas Henrichs in perfection exclusively for Boker. The beautiful shimmering black handle made of handpicked ebony is bordered by highly polished pommel and the guard and forms a perfect unit with the fine blade. Designed specially for this model and sewn by hand, decorated leather sheath completes the exclusivity. The dagger is equipped with an individual serial number and a strictly limited edition (250 pcs. European and 250 pcs. U.S.). Comes with collector certificate in a wooden casket.
Total 36 cm. Cl 21.9 cm. Blade thickness 5 mm.

Spoiler for penampakan:
Spoiler for victorinox climber:

Spoiler for victorinox huntsman:

Spoiler for victorinox soldier knifes:

Spyderco, Boker Plus, Victorinox & Higonokami

Diubah oleh cittanava
Mohon ijin numpang lapak min emoticon-Big Grin

FS OTF single action knife Microtech Halo V clone, made in China
spec sbb :

Total panjang : sekitar 274mm
Panjang handle : sekitar 156mm
Blade Material : D2 (untuk genuine, material biasanya pakai s35vn atau elmax)
Hardness : 60-61 HRC
Blade Type : tanto
Sheath : Kydex

Masih ada box dan kunci pembuka handle nya, kondisi per masih sangat bagus

Hanya digunakan untuk buka mangga dan belum pernah diasah sama sekali, pisau masih tajam

Spoiler for Halo V clone made in China:

Spoiler for Halo V:

Spoiler for D2 blade:

Spoiler for handle:

harga Rp. 1.350.000,- free shipping seluruh nusantara

bisa COD
Lokasi di Malang - Jatim
contact sms/wa 0813 88779117
Diubah oleh the_oxygen
Spoiler for material bilah:

A88 @ 260.000
Blm ongkir terhitung 2kg dr jakarta

V4e 211mmx 28mmx 4mm @250.000
V4e 269mm x 39mm x 7mm @500.000
Pm23 283mm x 32mm x 4mm @500.000
Pm23 283mm x 32mm x 5mm@ 590.000
Blm ongkir dr jakarta 1 kg

Blm ongkie 1 kg dr jakarta

0813 8633 9835 wa / call only & no sms

Mcusta Gentleman's VG10 Damascus 2nd + Bonus Lanyard Beads...

Diubah oleh xxputralamxx
WTB : Kershaw leek blackwash composite blade.
kalo ada yang mo lepas bisa PM ato WA ke . 082140072766

Aneka macam alat bantu ketampanan

Diubah oleh rottenanarchist
Jual Pisau Kolpri

Spoiler for Cold Steel:

Cold Steel Mini Recon 1 Tanto Point
-AUS 8 Steel
-3 Inch blade
-Clip dan Coating blade ada yang nglupas dikit
-Edge belum pernah diasah,tapi perlu diasah
-Dijual karena ada keperluan mendadak
-yang g nego saya kasih free SanRenMu 7010 Black
Spoiler for Sanrenmu:

Contact: 089677048847 (Whatsapp/LINE only)

Harga: Rp 1.100.000
Diubah oleh Dexter98
The Leatherman MUT is the first multi-tool that functions as both a tactical and practical tool for military, LE, or civilian shooters. The MUT features multiple areas on the tool threaded for cleaning rods and brushes and all the screwdriver bits are sized for standard military and civilian sighting adjustment work

Price : IDR 1.550.000

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►► Jual - Beli Subforum Pisau ◄◄►► Jual - Beli Subforum Pisau ◄◄

Collector's item


Mcusta Gentleman's VG10 Damascus 2nd (TURUN HARGA!!!)

SOLD to agan di Cilandak...emoticon-Blue Guy Peace
Diubah oleh xxputralamxx
yang jual swiss card pm dong emoticon-Cek PM

Diubah oleh Prince_of_Bima
Permisi agan sekalian, siapa tau agan/temen agan sedang mencari pisau multifungsi Victorinox, ane jual nih dengan spesifikasi sebagai berikut :


►► Jual - Beli Subforum Pisau ◄◄

Emergency blade (letter opener)
Magnifying glass
Screwdriver 5 mm
Screwdriver 3 mm
Phillips screwdriver 1 / 2
Phillips screwdriver 00 / 0
Pressurized ballpoint pen
Pin, stainless steel
Ruler (inch)
Ruler (cm)

Net weight 26 g
Scale material ABS / Celidor
Size 82 mm
Blade lockable No
One hand blade No

WARRANTY: 1 year (manufacture defect)

Jadi tunggu apalagi gan! Miliki Victorinox Swisscard, pisau kecil dengan banyak fungsi sekaligus hanya Rp 380.000,- saja! Untuk pembelian silahkan buka link ini gan -->
Diubah oleh nomaterjhobin

Spyderco, Victorinox, Boker & Higonokami

Diubah oleh cittanava
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