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IPC/PELINDO II Recruitment.


Every step you take on the working world, defines your future. Why not chose IPC at first if:

  • Competitive Salary

IPC standardize our remuneration and benefit package for our employee, monthly and yearly. According to survey conducted by Hay Consulting Group on 2012 regarding the market of salary, the result is that IPC’s fresh graduates yearly income on High School, Diploma, and Undergraduate is above percentile of 90%. It means that salary on IPC is very competitive among company in Indonesia.

Another benefits, allowances, and incentives given are:

- Leaves allowance based on 1.5x fixed salary (12 days quota of leave not deducted by joint holiday) (Uang Cuti 1.5x Fixed Salary)

- Religious holiday allowance based on 2x fixed salary (THR 2x Fixed Salary)

- Thirteenth salary based on 1x fixed salary (Gaji ke-13 1x Fixed salary)

- Bonus is ± 15 base salary (Bonus ± 15x gaji pokok)

- Service leave within 3 months every 6 years and given allowance based on 1x fixed income (Cuti Besar)

- Pension fund and insurance (compulsory and others)

- Health facility (fee for service)

  • Overseas & Domestic Post Graduate Program

IPC gives opportunity with fair to workers on staff and managerial level to increase its competence through graduate program, abroad and within Indonesia on company cost.

This graduate program on Indonesia covers University of Indonesia and Gajah Mada University in Jakarta. Until now, 8 person from UI and 7 person from UGM been financed.

Abroad graduates program covers:

1. Regular

This program already flight 133 person abroad. The universities are ITMMA University of Antwerp, MEL Erasmus University, UNESCO-IHE, Netherlands Maritime University, Shanghai Maritime University, Victoria University, World Maritime University, Renmin University of China, Kuhne Logistics University, Wollongong, Liverpool, John Moore University, Plymouth University, Southampton University, Cardiff University, East Anglia University, Rotterdam Business School, North Maritime University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Oregon State University, and University of South Florida.

2. Executive

Graduate program for executives on abroad until now reach 43 person. Chosen universities are IMD, KLU-Kuhne, NUS Singapore, and NUS UCLA.

  • Fast Track Career

Career path in the company followed to competence, performance, and fitness to IPC Culture, IPC Values, and IPC Ways.
IPC Values : People First, Integrity, Customer Centric, Sustainability, Quality

IPC Ways : Create a high performer leader, Enhance national growth with international mind, Create agile organization, Build an exciting workplace

Right now, many of General Manager, Senior Manager, and subsidiaries director are around 35 years old. It means that young generation that able to compete and have the chance if having competence and great performance.

  • Young Workforce Generation Development Program & Leadership Development Program

Program for Generation Y prepared by IPC to synergized with other workers to accelerate transformation management program. For Leadership Development Program, people are prepared for becoming a leader on every state-owned-enterprise.

  • Exciting Enterprise place

Dynamic working environment, agile, and equal accordance to solidarity and synergy to enhance innovative and creative thinking for workers to elaborate company’s vision (To be the preferred partner for reliable, best class in port & logistics services by creating an exciting enterprise for our people and contributing to national growth).

Those are things you will miss if not joining with IPC. So grab your chance, and be ENERGIZED with IPC.

What we need are the person from major in:
S1 Teknik Sipil
S1 Manajemen
S1 Teknik Informasi
S1 Teknik Mesin
S1 Teknik Industri
S1 Teknik Elektro
S1 Teknik Kelautan
D3 Manajemen
D3 Teknik Sipil
D3 Teknik Informatika
D3 Teknik Elektro
D3 Teknik Mesin
D3 Akuntansi
D3 Komunikasi

Come and join us for better Indonesia


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