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[Reborn] Counter Strike : Global Offensive - Part 1

[Reborn] Counter Strike : Global Offensive

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Oke deh gan gapapa haha
permisi, ane baru maen cs gan, dropan di csgo emang sering drop ya, itu revolver case kok sering banget dapet kayak kacang goreng,
harganya lumayan pula
susah benar gan pakai AK47

emoticon-Cape d... (S) emoticon-Cape d... (S) emoticon-Cape d... (S)
Release Notes for 12/15/2015

– Reverted recent changes to pistols and the AK-47, M4A4, and M4A1-S (see the CS:GO blog for details).
– Other players can now hear the sound of the R8 Revolver primary fire hammer just before it fires.
– Smoke clouds from smoke grenades detonated by burning fire will now correctly cover the ground instead of floating above that area.
– Fire grenades that had been only partially extinguished by smoke will no longer deal damage from the flames under smoke grenade (fix for a bug discovered by jasonRRR)
– Flames from fire grenades that are still spreading will no longer spread into the smoke cloud and will instead spread along the edge of the smoke cloud.
– Fixed up-to-360-degree camera flip in Killer Replay.
– Fixed an instance where an offer showed the incorrect price.


Recovery Time

We made some adjustments to rifles recently, and those changes have been causing a lot of pain in the CS:GO community. The pain was the result of a few mistakes we made, and while we usually prefer to avoid disrupting conversations happening in the community, we wanted to talk about some of the thinking that led to the recent changes as well as our plan for moving forward.

Why change rifles at all?
In CS:GO, spraying is generally the most popular way of firing a rifle. We can see this pretty clearly in the rifle data that we collect internally, and it’s something we hear the community discussing frequently.
Because we think it’s valuable for players to have choices when they’re thinking about how to engage an opponent, we looked at ways to make tapping/bursting a bit more appealing. The hope was that by encouraging more deliberate firing, we would add something skillful that players could use to their advantage.

As a first step toward this goal, we increased recoverytime for the AK-47, M4A4, and M4A1-S. For a detailed breakdown of the change and its impact, check out this excellent community post by lalush.
Unfortunately, our implementation failed in a few ways.

For one thing, increasing inaccuracy while spraying also comes with reduced accuracy for all forms of firing. Proportionally, spraying was the most impacted, but we underestimated the impact that the change would have on players who were already firing in shorter bursts.
As it turns out, the adjustments didn’t really achieve the goal either – our rifle data shows that players in all skill groups are still spraying more than tapping or bursting.

What’s next?
It’s difficult to measure the impact on gameplay when too much changes at once. The Winter Update came with some really huge changes to gameplay, including a new weapon, an adjustment to pistols, and the rifle change. Since we likely changed too much too quickly, in today’s update we’re rolling back both the rifle and pistol adjustments to their pre-Winter Update state.

We failed to anticipate the reaction of the community to changes in such heavy-use weapons, and we clearly need to re-evaluate our process for making and communicating about changes in that space. We still think there’s value in trying to find a better balance for pistols and more skillful ways to use rifles, so we hope to tackle rifles and pistols again in the future.

We’re constantly reading community feedback and while we don’t often respond directly, understanding the community is one of the most important parts of working on CS:GO. Mistakes happen, but when they do, we’re committed to making sure they get fixed.
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Ini ane doang ato sekarang emang jadi susah ya naikin rank MM ? Ud 5 win streak ga naik naik emoticon-No Hope

sistem rank udah diperbarui karena banyak yang protes dapetin ge terlalu gampang emoticon-Betty (S)
gan2, di Ritter ada csgo yah? liat di FB nya doi, kangen bgt suasana warnet, mohon info2 warnet jakarta yang ada csgo nya dimana dimana aja,bosen di rumah sepi banget, kali2 bisa maen bareng jg kita emoticon-Ngakak (S)

Udah diperbaharui atau baru rencana sih gan? Ada log update pas rank nya diperbarui ga? emoticon-Bingung (S)

Sebenernya kemaren juga ane heran. Waktu DMG win streak 5x trus lose streak 3x langsung derank emoticon-Nohope untung udah naik DMG lagi emoticon-Cape d... (S)

udah diperbaharui keknya.
liatkan banyak yang pada derank emoticon-Big Grin
pantesan nih, 4x win 1x seri 1x kalah derank emoticon-Hammer (S)
Release Notes for 12/17/2015
17 DEC 2015 -

– Client bone setup performance optimizations.
– Fixed bullet hits on players beyond max bullet penetration distance always counting as penetration hits.
– Fixed sometimes incorrect in-scope fog and blur in Killer Replay.
– Fixed some instances where a player could get stuck in Killer Replay.
– Bomb plant timer Game State Integration event is now slightly delayed when playing on Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist team.
– CDN URLs for images of weapons and weapon finishes are now available in items_game_cdn.txt
– Added support for haptic feedback.
– Use steam_controller_haptics convar to turn haptics on or off.
ini gimana sih, 7 consecutive wins ga naik naik, sekali kalah langsung derank, kecewa bener emoticon-No Hope
Disini ada yang make MiFi smartfren buat maen nggak ?
Gimana ping nya gan ?
Thanks before emoticon-Smilie
Ane dulu pernah nanya gini, tapi ngga dijawab emoticon-Smilie
kampret nih valve, update winternya kagak ada yg bener
csgo sama2 dota kgk ada yg bener...emoticon-Cape d... (S)
Gan mohon bantuan donk, komputer sepupu saya i3 dan pake vga gtx 950 asus strix, tapi kenapa fps cuma 180 an ya, sedangkan saya pake vga dibawahnya yg asus r9270 bisa dapet 250an averagenya. Sudah kotak katik segala macem tapi gak bisa juga. Ada yg mengalami hal yg sama?

Emang kayaknya sekarang udah agak berubah gan

Ane semalem derank dari DMG ke MGE (posisi top frag). Pagi tadi menang 1x (posisi ke 3) ga naik. Trus kalah 3x beruntun (posisi top frag semua) alhamdulillah belom derank lagi ke MG2 emoticon-Hammer (S)

Tapi ane sendiri berharap semoga update ini sukses bikin para ranked player yang pake boostingan atau di carry biar pada kembali ke habitat nya. 3x kalah di MGE ane setim sama DMG kill cuma 6 (padahal match25 round emoticon-Cape d... (S) ). Ane juga carry 32 kill MGE, yang lain DMG semua kill cuma 12-12-13-14 emoticon-Cape d... (S)
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CS:GO pro players : Spencer 'Hiko' Martin Joins Team Liquid


ijin jawab gan emoticon-Big Grin
kebetulan ane pake mifi semar yg M2P
ping stabil di 80-90an, tp kalo naek >100 kadang2 suka ngelag
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