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i need friends to speak english on skype

i need friends to speak english on skype

i have been studying english for 4 months at kampung inggris, i'm looking for friends want to practice with me, may be we can speak english on skype.. because is hard to find someone for practice on skype, if there someone want to practice with me, u can write your skype id..
i'm ready for speaking english on skype 24 hours..

i want to say sorry if my sentence very badly and wrong grammar and then sorry if i'm wrong room to write this

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you can practice with me. I have a lot of sparetime. but I am a male and if you are also a male it would be awkward I think, try to find some girls and talk to them.
try find someone in this website. it is very good place to learn languages and find some friends. I learnt English, Polish, and Russian there.

no, im scared emoticon-Takut
hard to practice? I think the newcomers who want to learn in pare all friendly and good person emoticon-Recommended Seller
I have a lot of sparetime, if you like to have a skype call with me. Just call me then... My skype ID : fortasminastras.
my skypr id, nasyabp
lets practice speaking, but i think at least 3 speakers, or 4.. if this group interest enough for the others i think we can arrange the schedule.
i am from kampung inggris too ... but just 2 week emoticon-Big Grin ... lets chit chat with me id : iin_mardia ... emoticon-shakehand

good idea sist emoticon-Big Grin

boleh numpang add y sist :s atas2 ane
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Good idea . .

Let me join please!

Make a group and arrange the schedule, at least minimum 4 speakers..

and sorry if my english is so bad.. hahahaaaa
Hello.. Please add my skype id: juiceykiss
I would like to join.
here is my Skype id : regycloud
hear from you all soon.
I would like to find some friend ang have a chit chat on skype , maybe can make a relationship between us hahahah , find my skype : miichaellim

you can chat with some girl, i think that's better emoticon-Smilie
What will be out omegel ? emoticon-Takut
how about beginners like me? if allowed to follow ??
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Why skype?
Lets chat here
Anybody can join to chat or just watch without having to log in

Demo (see bule2 talking here (Live))emoticon-Big Grin
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ijin add contact ya ikutan improve my english language gw jg ah emoticon-Cendol (S)

id ane: emoticon-Ngakak (S)
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Hey, could you tell me your experience when study at kampung inggris? I'd like to hear thanks.

You can PM if if you don't mind
I do want to join you but I only have free time around 8PM.

My english is not that good too, especially in speaking. :<

hihihi, let's us be friend, Mitsui ^^

my skype : ervanlight
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