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Don’t be an IDIOM: You Should Know These Sh!t (Not Suited for Beginner Level)

Don’t be an IDIOT(M): You Should Know These Sh!t (Not Suited for Beginner Level)

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Just sh!t back and hold on, but hold on tight
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This thread are sh!t emoticon-Ngacir emoticon-Stick Out Tongueeace
"Because we have to drink shitty chardonnay at a shitty garden party and have shitty conversation about shitty people with his shitty mother" - The Awkward Moment
Damn Bro, You Make The Sh!T emoticon-Blue Guy Peace
Keep it up
Piece of shit thread. .

Just kidding emoticon-Big Grin . Keep post shit like this emoticon-Tai
Thanks for the information, there are so many shity things in this thread, and i dont give a shit emoticon-Big Grin
mader fader holi sh!t
hahaha dasar
ok, for the first time, i read english thread on kaskus and it sh!t.. emoticon-Blue Guy Peace
do you want spread of shit around hits pan. time will be the shit tho
indonesian community gan
Bukan English Club emoticon-fuck emoticon-fuck2 emoticon-fuck3
i love this sh!t
this thread is the SH!T! thanks for the shitty shit that I've ever shat to emoticon-Stick Out Tongue emoticon-Ngakak (S)

Shit happens emoticon-Malu
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f*ck this burn sh!t emoticon-Big Grin
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Holy sh!t.. nice thread.
Thanks broemoticon-2 Jempol
opo ini rekemoticon-Blue Guy Peace
perhaps u want to add this on your 'shitty' list :

shit a brick (I found it taboo, literally)

Don’t be an IDIOM: You Should Know These Sh!t (Not Suited for Beginner Level)

sorry for bad english, but hey! I'm learning
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ok sh!t
yoou should find another quality thread emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)

Sh!t happens...

Woww... a thread discussing shit finally emerges!..

English is both crazy and fucking awesome language where a single vocabulary could lead to different phrases with different meanings..

Because it is spoken worldwide accross the culture!
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Halaman 8 dari 37

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