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All about Grammar & Tenses - The correct way to say/use .... ask it here !!
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All about Grammar & Tenses - The correct way to say/use .... ask it here !!

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1. Bisa semua, tergantung kamu aja mau yg mana. Yang 'bla bla work of ours' kesannya lebih puitis ya emoticon-Big Grin
2. Graduation Video? Prom Video? Farewell Party Video?

Apparently, you start it with a confusing question emoticon-Bingung (S)
The measurement of RIGHT will never be met but I see there you've answered your own question emoticon-Big Grin

1. A. Present Perfect Tense
Formula / Form:
S + have + v3 / Past Participle
Have had itu gabungan dari kata "have" dan "had". "Had" adalah bentukpast participle dari "have".
Example given:
- I have had the car in the last month => kepemilikan
Itu berarti lu pernah punya mobil itu, tapi sekarang nggak.
- I have taken a bath => I have had a bath. Keduanya mempunyai arti sama saja
Note: Tapi have had kebanyakan dipake untuk kepemilikan

1. B. Past Perfect Tense
Formula / Form:
S + have + v3 / past participle
Past Perfect Tense adalah tense yang digunakan untuk menjelaskan 2 peristiwa di masa lalu.
Example given
I had had that car before it broke down


1. who did you go with? => whom did you go with?. Karena tertuju pada objek
2. - whom did you choose?
- who did you choose? => the correct answer. Karena menanyakan subjek.

gan/sis mau tanya kalo

mau tanya lagi, kalo penambahan"s" (bentuk jamak kan ya?) ini ditambahin hanya pada verb yang S nya (he, she, it) saja atau bisa ke noun?

"your words means nothing" bener gk?
makasih sebelumnya

Present perfect tense is used for an action which happened in the past and continues to the present. It didn't stop in the past. That's why this tense does not use time markers which refer to a specific point in the past (eg. last year, yesterday, 2 weeks ago etc), instead it uses time markers which refer to a span of time (eg. for a year, since 2001 etc). The example you gave,
I have had the car in the last month is incorrect because it uses the time marker last month which refers to a specific point in the past. And remember, in present perfect tense the action (or the effect) continues to the present time.

There's nothing wrong with who did you go with?. However, should you want to be more grammatically traditional, you can say with whom did you go? (with is placed immediately before whom).

In formal grammar. who serves as the subject pronoun which replaces the subject of a verb and whom as the object pronoun which replaces the object of a verb (or a preposition). The use of whom has been a subject of debate. Many people use who for both subject and object pronouns.
So, both whom did you choose and who did you choose are actually correct.

Link on who and whom


Kita nambahin huruf S ke sebuah verb kalo verb-nya dipake sama third person singular pronoun (kata ganti orang ketiga tunggal) (he, she, it, Andi, Mary) dalam simple present tense.
- He walks to school
- Greg teaches math

Kalimat yang 'njenengan tulis itu salah karena your words bukan kata ganti orang ketiga tunggal. Your words bersifat jamak dan tidak memerlukan verb dengan akhiran S dalam simple present tense
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- That is the topic.
- I will write on it ("the topic").
That is the topic on which I will write. ('which' = 'the topic')

- The size and shape of a nail depend primarily on the function.
- It ("the nail") is intended for the function.
The size and shape of a nail depend primarily on the function for which it is intended. ('which' = 'the function')


be careful how you write the formulas for the tenses.

1. i'm kinda confused, because i remember reading in a toefl book that object of preposition is NOT an object.
2. i actually know the answer. the correct one is the first. when you answer the question, it will be about the object.
i chose him. hence the question word WHOM.


in speaking, not many people use WHOM anymore. but in grammar books, it's still strictly used. thus, when you take a test, you still have to follow the rules. just a few days ago, i took this test your grammar smarts

there's some interesting explanation about WHO vs WHOM there.


thanks. this is what i meant! emoticon-Shakehand2

oh my god, I mistaken. Thanks for remind me

What the difference between, ' Why did....' & 'Why does....' ?
emoticon-Bingung (S)

It's completely different emoticon-Big Grin
"Why did" used in the past while "Why does" used in the present.

Got it! Thanks in advance..
Gan,kemampuan b.inggris ane jelek amat
yang ane bisa cuma ngartiin arti aja
kalau disuruh bikin kalimat ane bodoh amat gan dikarenakan ane kurang ngerti dlm tata bahasa(bahasa inggris)
kata temen b.inggris ane itu pasif
nah ane mau belajar dari awal se awal2nya tentang tata bahasa(bahasa inggris) / grammar
nah yg ane mau tanyain,ane kudu mulai belajar dari mana ? atau mulai dari materi mana ? trus slanjutnya gmana ?
mohon bantuannya gan
morning folks emoticon-Kiss
have a great day emoticon-Kiss
breakfast prend emoticon-Ngacir2

It's simple. Read a lot, write a lot, listen a lot, and speak a lot.
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Hear! Hear! emoticon-Recommended Seller
Gan, what's the difference between "while" and "as", are they interchangeable?

exampe : as we're driving.... while driving...


Got a link about it, I myself fail to conclude it but basically I understand the point that It's just hard to tell someone else, May the link help you as well emoticon-Big Grin
I really stupid bout grammar, i was try to learn form watching serial movie with sub english. May some people in this forum give me advice how to raise my knowledge about grammar. emoticon-Mewek
how do you people say "ngangenin" in english? wantable and yearnable are absolutely not an english word emoticon-Bingung (S)

I guess you need this thread emoticon-Big Grin
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