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Assassin's Creed (2016) | Michael Fassbender

[Official Thread] Assassin's Creed | Michael Fassbender | May 22, 2015

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woke film yg sudah ane tunggu2 ternyata msh 2015 !!! emoticon-Ngakak
itu kok ada bendera amerikanya ??? emoticon-Bingung (S)

Michael Fassbender Says Reliving Memories Attracted Him To ASSASSIN'S CREED

12 Years A Slave is hitting US theaters this Friday so Michael Fassbender is doing his part to promote the film. While speaking to The Daily Beast, Fassbender quickly touched on his upcoming Assassin's Creed feature film from Ubisoft Motion Pictures and 20th Century Fox. "That’s definitely happening," reassured Fassbender when asked about the status of the project. He continued, "We’re just developing the script at the moment. I’d heard of it but had never played the game. I don’t have a video game player … that’s not what they’re called. [Laughs] I met up with the guys from Ubisoft and they told me the story behind it, and I thought it was very interesting—the idea of reliving memories." Perhaps the 'idea of reliving memories' is an indication that not only will Fassbender play present-day protagonist Desmond Miles but he'll also play Miles' ancestor, Altair from the first Assassin's Creed video game. And if the adaptation proves successful, might Fassbender also play Ezio and Connor in sequels? That would be quite a feat considering Altair is Syrian, Ezio is Italian and Connor is half-Indian. Not impossible by any means but it would definitely present a worthy challenge to Fassbender's considerable acting talents. Filming is scheduled to begin sometime next year for a June 19, 2015 release.

'Assassin's Creed' Get New Release Dates

20th Century Fox has delayed a number of its major releases, including its adaptation of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed and the Independence Day sequel.

Assassin's Creed had been set to debut on June 19, 2015 in the US, but will now roll into theatres on August 7 – a date which is currently unchallenged.
fan art kayaknya, tapi keren emoticon-Big Grin
 Assassin's Creed (2016) | Michael Fassbender
pasbender itu berperan jadi Altaire gan bukan Ezio
jadi gk harus italiano


mungkin nyambung ke jamannya Connor di AC 3
waah mudah-mudahan filmnya beneran jadi relase deh. ini film kira-kira ngambil storyline dari sudut pandang siapa ya? dari AC 1 aja ya?
Nyritain tentang sapa nih???
Harapan ane sih Connor emoticon-Ngakak

EXODUS Writers Hired To Pen Screenplay For ASSASSIN'S CREED

Like Splinter Cell (which recently picked up a director in the form of Doug Liman and will star Tom Hardy), Assassin's Creed is a high priority project in Hollywood as Ubisoft attempt to capitalize on the popularity of their video games by making movies based on them which are actually, you know, watchable. According to Deadline, Ubisoft have now hired Adam Cooper and Bill Collage to rewrite the movie which will see X-Men: Days of Future Past star Michael Fassbender take on a lead role. The duo were responsible for the original draft of Exodus, and have also written The General for Noah helmer Darren Aronofsky. They have a number of other projects in the works, but the fact that they are now attached to this one - which, if it follows the story of the original game is set during The Third Crusade - should come as very welcome news to anxious fans.
Diubah oleh edx
semoga seseru gamenya emoticon-Big Grin

Justin Kurzel Will Probably Direct Michael Fassbender In ASSASSIN'S CREED Movie

According to Deadline:
New Regency and Ubisoft are in talks with Justin Kurzel to direct Assassin’s Creed, the live action adaptation of the Ubisoft video game that has Michael Fassbender attached to star.

Justin Kurzel is an Australian film director and screenwriter, who is best known for Snowtown Murders (2011), The Turning (2013) and Blue Tongue (2005). Wait a second, you probably don't know any of those films. Okay, but know this, Michael Fassbender ("X-Men: First Class") and Kurzel recently worked together on a new retelling of Macbeth, which also stars Marion Cotillard ("The Dark Knight Rises").
Semoga adaptasi filmnya ga mengecewakan dan ceritanya ga melenceng jauh. Apalagi ane ngefans ama Assassin's Creed dan abang Fassy. emoticon-Kiss
Hmmm 11-12 ga ya kyk prince of persia? emoticon-EEK!
tp ga yakin dah AC di game bs direalisasikan dg ciamik di film emoticon-Malu

setuju.. apalagi AC pk akurasi sejarah yg ok..

Olivia Munn Expresses Interest In Being In Michael Fassbender's ASSASSIN'S CREED Film

While promoting her new horror film Deliver Us From Evil, IGN interviewed actress Olivia Munn, where they asked the one videogame film property she'd love to be involved in. "I hate to wish for things, because usually I just would rather watch them than be in them, because I have one of the things where I would just ruin it, but Assassin's Creed is my favourite," she admits. "I hear they're doing Assassin's Creed with [Michael] Fassbender, who is one of the most amazing actors." She says that even if she isn't cast within the movie, she would settle for working in "craft services". This may be a similar case to Paul Giamatti being cast as Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after expressing interest, or might just be wishful thinking. Still, Munn certainly has the acting chops to pull of a variety of roles, and there are a number of ladies in the AC universe she could play.

Gue berharapnya si Ezio yang difilmin (AC2) -_-
semoga aja kagak seperti Resident Evil,ane termasuk fans berat dari gamenya,makanya ane cukup berharap dari film ini,ane baca dari IMDB setting modern-nya seperti game nya,kagak tau setting abad pertengahan-nya,ane sih berharap Ezio yang di film kan
Diubah oleh juragankubis
Ane berharapnya sih film AC digarap sutradara sekaliber Nolan.

Michael Fassbender Updates on ASSASSIN'S CREED Movie

Sitting down with IGN, Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Days of Future Past), the star of the upcoming film adaptation based on the long-running Assassin's Creed video game franchise, talked about the film's current status. He reveals that he is still involved, the script is still being worked on, as well as their desire to "respect" the source material and his thoughts on Justin Kurzel (Macbeth) as a director.

ini ngambil setting assassin creed pertama ya?
berarti si altair

padahal ngarepnya sih Ezio, karena kalo di game series nya Ezio lebih keren

semoga gk mengecewakan,
secara banyak film yg di adaptasi dari game semuanya suck

tp mengingat yg maen Michael Fassbender sih ada harapan bagus
soalnya actingnya di x-men bagus
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