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in fact no religion is perfect
maybe the most closest perfect is islam, they have rules in details emoticon-shakehand

you dont get my point, do you?

i dont talk about islam, and i dont give a damn about how perfect is ur religion.
i just want to ask the way about people living with their religion??

very religious people.. or open minded but still have a religion?
i choose the second choice emoticon-Smilie

coz religion without open mine = primitife and radical person like terroris or zionis they havent good basic teory emoticon-Smilie
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such as polygami, nikah siri n jihad
these teaching is suck.

i prefer open minded n still have religion

I prefer the one with open minded.In fact,the open minded-one is living better life if compared with the religion based people.

emoticon-Angkat Beer
Ok then.... First, about the rules of the religion, I believe that every religion's rules are for the followers of the religion only. It should not be applied (or in some events in Indonesia, forced) to other religions' followers.

In fact, I don't see why there are two choices that doesn't even contradict each other.

1. The super religious person who does everything according to their religion rules. When these rules are implemented only to him/herself. then it won't be a problem toward the society. And if that happens, I believe that it would be the same as the second choice, the freethinker.

2. The freethinker. People who does everything freely and still have their religion. The "does everything freely" part is only an exaggeration. No people can do as they please, and walk away with it. The freethinker could apply the rules of their religion to themselves, but not to the outsiders.

Therefore, I believe that the best of them all is being both of them at the same time. Applying your religion's rules are a must (for yourself), and just applying a general rules to the society are what we call as being considerate and tolerate enough.
I cant believe such a good thread drowned to page 6,
Let me bump this thread.

at least this page is junker free. Most junkers are unable to use their brain, so, they won't be able to speak in english. emoticon-Big Grin

I choosing one : people with religion emoticon-Smilie
coz I was born with religion in My blood

I can't understand
both are people with religion emoticon-Cape d... (S)

Are you the strict fanatic type, or the modern open minded type?
Do you always refer to the teachings of your religion when dealing with others?
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i choose the second one,

coz, the religion isn't absolute bondary of me from the outside world , but religion is something that filtering our habbit, behav, etc in order to manage our life to the outside world.

the religion is the house that protect us from rain,
but if anybody come to the house with goodwill. i'll can accept them with pleasure.
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everybody seems to choose second option: the one with religion but they have an really open minded.
what can we debate here about ?
perhaps I should drag seindah and nidhi down here to bring fire here hehehe
[Free] Debate Club on English- Topic update

or so we just switch to another topic ?
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hi, i'm new.
can i join here? :]


i'm choosing the second option as well. sorry to disappoint. c:
but sure, there are some people who may choose the first option.
yet in this situation and phrase, it'll be very hard for us to be all stony; everything is based in religion. if we choose the former option, the piece can't be maintained. we need flexibility. each religion will crush others.
but too open-minded will let us lose a grab in our religion norms as well.
each decision always brings two sides of effect. really. and everything will be back to our own point of view; which is subjective. i can't say which one is better. but for me, i'd like to stay in the situation with latter option instead. :]
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admit it... emoticon-Angkat Beer

I believe that the first and second option are not contradictory enough to be debatable. You can impose your religion's rules without having to force someone to do the same, so, in the end, it's not debatable.
Anyway, the girl in your avatar is cute. could you tell me who she is? emoticon-Big Grin

Shall we move on to the next topic?
I suggest we debate on whether or not the case of the utensil factory at Tangerang is a form of slavery.
Well okay, looks like everybody choose the 2nd option. Religion with open-mind.

Well, this is my opinion. Do you people agree, if someone who have a very deep understanding about her or his religion, this person will become a threat in a social life.???? I mean , people who close to their religion is never be a part with other people who has diffrent faith, bcause the religion itself, limit the people to live their life with other different religion.. Like muslim who have a hunch that kuffar is second class human.

firstly, may i join?
since i spend about 1/4 times i have in a day on the internet, a debate club with english will be nice, i must admit i'm still lack of grammars and vocabularies but i'll try my best to fix them.

and i choose the first one
because simply in my religion there's always a good explanation for every rules, even if the rules seems to be weird. and i never found any strange rules in my religion since i was able to think as an adult (well when i was a kid there are absolutely many things i wondered).

and i really surprised that there's a really clean thread in debate forum


well everything is depend on the people. i mean you can't blame someone who believe a religion that he was born with. there's no any second class or first class human for me, we all the same.
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Yes very clean, because the idiot troller don't understand english..haha


About the topic.. What type of person are you? Some one who push ur faith to social life or open minded... I mean , if u muslim, will u say a 'merry christmass' thing to christian ?
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